Setting New Goals After 50

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Setting personal goals at regular stages is the way we move forward and mark our progress. The third age is one of the key refocusing points in your life, so don’t ignore it. For many, this time can turn into a mid-life crisis; a sense that time is slipping away when there are still many personal goals to reach.

Now is the time to properly examine those concerns and make a personal development plan so that at least,

some of those new personal goals being identified are reached. Take a moment to look over the horizon. What does your future look like? What do you want it to look like?

  • Are you about to become an empty nester?
  • Are you going to continue to work full time?
  • Is it time to go back to school?
  • Is it time to try that small business you always wanted?
  • Is it time to redecorate the house?
  • Is it time to sell the house?

Start exploring and looking for the you that you left behind in your 20’s and 30’s. What were the things you wanted to do? How many of them are still options? At this stage everything is an option, a fact that can make the idea a little overwhelming. So break it down into something that’s more manageable.

There are four key areas that will need your attention:


This is the biggie. This is what will determine whether you have a comfortable retirement, a semi-retirement or must continue working long past what is a traditional retirement age. If you set no other new personal goals, examine setting this one.


We live in a fabulous age where many ailments can be managed with a single tablet a day. But even in the face of medical advances, isn’t there at least some level of responsibility to take ownership of your own health and well-being? This is a critical personal goal to set.


It is generally at this stage of life that people make their last, big, STATEMENT on the relationship front. What statement are you preparing to make? Do you dig in, move on or determine a plan to make things different and maybe better?


Are you really going to maintain little Johnny’s room just the way it is until he’s 45? How about moving forward with your life? Downsize, redecorate, empty the cupboard, walk light, light, lighter on the earth. If you haven’t been using stuff, pitch it or give it away and make some space.

Change can be made slowly or quickly. Small goals may be a start or go big bang. Whatever you choose to do, at least make some decisions and keep moving forward. You will feel a lot better for it.