Self-Improvement Goals – Why a "Dedication to Truth" is So Important

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One of the commonest things known to humankind is the broken resolve. The plain truth regarding our self-improvement goals is we’;re defeated or victorious at the level of the mind. The will is the all-important device acting for the heart as we progress toward achieving our goals. Yet, it’;s the heart (generating moral drive) that informs the will.

The fact of a ‘;dedication to truth’; as ​​a pillar of walking life’;s narrow way of true success is attributable to M. Scott Peck of Wisdom From The Road Less Traveled fame. So, it’;s no secret that when we owe ourselves to truth we can live far more successfully, but it’;s got to be acknowledged – it’;s the opposite way to the world. We find ourselves few friends here.

Truth is a lonely journey. If we can accept this, we can achieve all our goals. Let me illustrate further.

My method of self-improvement is primarily through goal-setting towards habit renewal. The longer I can master a pure habit (to replace an old bad habit) the better my chances of temporary success.

My particular approach – the one that works best for me – is the one-day-at-a-time approach where I make a mark in each day, counting each day of successful incorporation of the idea of ​​the goal. I make this mark in my diary as a mini-success.

Yet, I’;ve noticed something that is so relevant to my human nature: my passion toward the goal wanes and the effectiveness of my intensity drops … I, at times … many times, have dropped the ball and gone back to the old habit. Diet is the main area I struggle with in this way. (The mind’;s approach to giving up smoking, drinking and all other bad habits and most addictions shares the same pathology.)

But, then it dawned on me, if I’;m dedicated to truth and I’;m training myself in living truthfully (even / especially even in the small things) I can do this thing with the exposed will, never compromising, not one little bit. We have to be honest with ourselves-even at the level of our awareness.

The mind’;s a tricky thing. It has such power at the starting blocks. Then as the race winds on, we get a little comfy, and our minds tell us it would be okay to compromise … but, using the heart-strength commitment to truth we can bolster the willing will.

© SJ Wickham, 2009.