Self Improvement Endeavor – Need or Waste of Time?

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One can improve oneself amassing materials. Or one can improve oneself developing spirituality. Out of these two what we see most people running behind is material development. It seems that spiritualism is not followed as much as materialism. But are these two the true self improvement? The person who goes behind materials satisfying the sensual life forgetting spiritual life could be an extremist. And on the other hand the person who always pursues spiritualism and behaves according its way of life also could be an extremist. Both these two are needed in moderate amounts for one’s self improvement. Extremism should be discarded.

What do you think is the purpose of your life. What does the world, society, and your family expect from you. What are your responsibilities as a human born to this world, as a citizen of your country, as a son or daughter or as a parent? Is it just while away time eating drinking enjoying spending the fortune inherited to you by your parents satisfying sensual life or live seclusion thinking impermanence of life Have you given a thought to these? Your, self improvement would not be complete if you turn a deaf ear to these.

If you wish self improvement, you should know the position where you are. For that a comprehensive understanding of your mind is necessary. Because the essence of self improvement is knowledge of oneself. If you don’t know your position between the above mentioned two extremes adjusting yourself in the correct position would be very difficult. And the exercise of probing deeply into the unknown and confused world is not only the most difficult thing to acquire but also most inconvenient.

If you want to understand your mind you want to study your deeds words, feelings and emotions over a considerable period of time. Evaluate them shedding two extremes truly, honestly and unbiased. See if they are close to extremes. See whether they are positive or negative. If your mental power is weak for the evaluation you can refer the matter to a knowledgeable person that you trust. Once you get to know your position, you can adjust yourself in the middle path shedding two extremes. Try to avoid pessimism, optimism and extremism. Follow truth and realism.

When you proceed in the middle path you will see the change in your life. You will see the change in the attitudes of others towards you. The family, society, and the world will trust, value and follow you. You will get the mental and physical power to do your part to the world. Good begets good bad begets bad is not merely a saying. We should not forget that unbelievable, unknown, great power is hovering over us controlling every thing in the universe. If you are improved, the god will satisfy that you are fulfilling the responsibilities that he sent you for.