Rock Your World, Increase Your Success, & Shift Your Paradigms

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All of us want more success. Everyone in the world desires more of the things that they feel will make them happy. We all have goals whether we call those desires, dreams or aspirations goals or not. The desire to create a better life and experience more fulfillment and happiness as we walk through our time on this earth is the only reason many of us embark on a self improvement quest and seek personal growth through self development. However, how many of us actually succeed in that aim? How many people really achieve their aims?

The personal development industry has become a multi-billion dollar concern. Every year it gets larger and creates more products. It is almost like a run-away train. Sometimes I liken the personal development industry to the weight-loss industry. Why? Because they both rely on people not reaching their goals in order to grow and sell products! If there was a weight-loss product that ensured everyone lose weight when they used it that would be the end of the weight-loss industry!

The same is true of personal development. If we all reached our goals and created fantastic, bliss-filled lives then there would be no need for personal development, self improvement or self-help!

Fortunately though, not everyone involved in personal development is driven by the need to make money or be successful in that particular arena. The very best personal development teachers are those that have made their fortunes and already achieved a high level of success in other business arenas. These are the gurus you should be listening to!

One of these business and personal development gurus is Bob Proctor. Bob teaches that to make major change in your world you need to first make changes in yourself. There is nothing new in this message. Every teacher of self improvement “truths” tells us that we must make the changes within before we can see changes without. However, very few of them give us practical usable tools to do it!

Bob Proctor is different. He teaches that by changing your paradigms you can dramatically change your life. Paradigms are merely beliefs that we hold about the world, ourselves and others. They are, perhaps, better explained as assumptions we make about the world.

Proctor teaches that by changing our assumptions about the world around us, other people and especially ourselves and our abilities we can make major improvements in our lives. This is a sound theory. After all if we assume that we cannot do something we are less likely to try to do it and even if we do take action and try it we will do so tentatively and most probably sabotage our own efforts by not committing to the task fully.

Likewise, if you believe that you can do something or that you will succeed no matter how hard it is or how many times you have to try then you are less likely to give-up and much more inclined to find alternative ways of succeeding not matter how many times you fail – thus increasing your odds of actually succeeding! So, I would agree that making some paradigm shifts is probably the fastest way to make major improvements in your life. I have tried it and it works. Try it yourself. Start today to question your assumptions about your own abilities and try something new. You may be surprised at what you really can accomplish!