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Roadmap to Riches was founded by Brian Grant, an ex-football player, only to give its members the opportunity to be successful in home based businesses. Roadmap to Riches offers products that they claim are very prospective and are designed to help individuals with personal, wealth, and also social development skills. These products are marketed using the direct selling technique.

If you decide to become a business associate of Roadmap to Riches, first of all you are required to pay $999 to cover the registration fee and an additional of $49.95 per month to cover the monthly membership fee. If you sum them all up, your expense in the first year will reach an amount of approximately $2,000. However, this amount entitles you to access of e-books, audio downloads, and personal development materials. These items are also what you are required to sell in order to develop your business. Just for your information, an approximate $8 to $9 billion dollars are spent each year in the personal development industry, so you should have little to no trouble selling the Roadmap to Riches’ products.

Of course, you have to know the payment system used by Roadmap to Riches. First of all, Roadmap to Riches uses a two-up compensation program that is widely known as Australian two-up compensation payment plan. This means that you are to pass up your first two sales to your sponsor, or the person who encouraged you to join Roadmap to Riches in the first place. You start earning profits when you have you passed up your second sale, after which you are allowed to keep every cent of the profits you make. The disadvantage with this program is that your sponsor will only help you until your second sale, as your sponsor will gain profits from them. Afterwards they will most likely leave you on your own to find new people to sponsor. Of course, this is a problem because sellers will be more concerned about finding new people to sponsor instead of actually selling Roadmap to Riches’ products. This is because it is usually easier to gain profits from other people’s sales.

Such problems, however, are uncommon when you join home based companies that offer matching override commission programs. These programs allow you keep every cent of your profits for yourself, as they do not require you to share or pass up your sales to anyone. Instead of cutting off your profits, you will be given matching override commission fees that could potentially boost your income. So it clear that the matching override commission program is more profitable than the regular two-up compensation program.

Now it is up to you to decide your own future. You should pick the right one to become very successful doing a home based business whether it is Roadmap To Riches Or some other Home Program That fits you.