Quality Leadership FLOWS

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Although many, either, are elected, selected, and/ or ascend to, positions of leadership, few actually, seem ready, and prepared to lead, nor, necessarily, the right individual, for the tasks, needed and necessary. I have dedicated thousands of articles to some of the needed assets, skills, abilities, and positive attitude, but, even when one possesses the optimal combination of these attributes, they will only effectively, lead, when their leadership FLOWS, without interruption, or delay, because a true leader, must be ready, willing, and able to, be prepared to proceed, without delay, and with well – considered, timely action. With that in mind, I will attempt to use the information and data, I’ve acquired and learned, from my, over 4 decades of involvement, in nearly every aspect of leadership, planning, training, development, and consulting. This article will briefly, examine, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents.

1. Future; furnish; fruition; facts: A great leader, consistently, learns, from every conversation, experience, and set of actions. From this, he must acquire the facts, which will assist him, in effectively, furnishing the quality leadership, groups need, and deserve. Only, when one is prepared, and able to seamlessly, proceed, and take action, without delay, will he be able to bring, what is needed, to fruition, for the common good!

2. Listen; learn; leadership: Too often, a pseudo – leader, seems to behave, as if, he knows – it – all. and has all the answers, when the reality is, quality leaders always begin, by effectively listening, and learning from every conversation and experience! They follow this up, by exhibiting the finest form of leadership, by responding, rather than reacting, and taking well – considered, timely action, rather than procrastinating!

3. Obstacles; options; organized; open – minded: There are always, certain obstacles, to achieving one’s objectives, and identifying the options and alternatives, and selecting, wisely. How one determines the best options, and doing so, in an organized manner, proceeding in a truly, open – minded way, differentiates true leaders, from the rest – of – the – pack!

4. Weighs; wisdom; who; what; when: Leading means weighing the options, and realizing, who, can help, make it happen, what is the best course, and when to proceed, and take action! This wisdom is acquired, by a combination of preparation and desire!

5. Service; solutions; stronger; strengths; system; sustainable: A real leader’s primary focus, must be on quality, relevant service! His solutions must attempt to make the group, stronger, and he needs to identify, both his personal, as well as the specific organizations, strengths (and weaknesses), in order to perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and implement, the best system, which is, both, relevant, and sustainable!

Be prepared for the needed FLOWS, in order to incorporate, quality leadership! Will you be, up, to the task?