Public Speaking – The Life Skill You Will Need For Personal and Professional Success

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I define ‘Life Skill’ as a skill that you will need for your entire life. For example, eating is a life skill, a skill that helps you survive. The mastery of languages is a significant life skill, for without the understanding of any language, communication will be tremendously difficult. Arithmetic is a life skill, for it makes counting possible. And other life skills include reading, writing, critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, intrapersonal skills, interpersonal skills and more. These are the very fundamental skill sets that you will need for life. These are also the essential skill sets that will allow you to improve your personal and professional lives. Hence these skills are called ‘Life Skills’, simply because it is a skill so fundamental to your life and that which you will need for life. The earlier you learn these skills, and the better you learn and master them, the greater your life will be, all other things remain equal.

While talking is a life skill, public speaking is the life skill that will improve your life. This is because public speaking is simply, speaking in public. Public speaking can include any scenarios that require you to speak in public, at one-to-one scenarios, for example, when you approach the staff standing behind the counter at a fast-food joint to order your meal, or when you approach the a stranger to ask for directions. But great speakers go beyond speaking to just one person (a one-to-one scenario), to speaking in front of tens, hundreds or thousands of people (a one-to-many scenario). This is amplification, the power that is waiting for you to harness!

Whether you are looking out for new business opportunities, looking out for a new job to satisfy a career switch, seeking to meet new people, or perhaps you are still studying hard in school, your investments into honing your public speaking skills will amount to one of the safest and wisest investments that you can make on yourself. This is because public speaking is a skill so widely used, such that it is tantamount to a transferable skill that you can utilize in diverse contexts throughout your life.

As long as there are human beings, and as long as you need to communicate to people in public, regardless of whether it is a one-to-one scenario or a one-to-many scenario, public speaking will always be a life skill that you will need for life. At the very least, public speaking is a transferable skill that will benefit you regardless of your age, your race, your nationality, your career, or your seniority in your organization (whether you are a junior executing, a manager or a CEO, chances are, you will need to give presentations and speak to people).

Hence, the earlier you master the skill of public speaking, the better your life will be. And the better you master public speaking, the better your life will be as well. The benefits of public speaking are just to vast to mention in a single article.