Personality Development Through Dream Interpretation – The Healing Power of Dreams – The Turtle

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When you learn how to translate the meaning of dreams according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, you discover that all dreams have great healing power. They cure all your traumas and psychological problems. At the same time, they help you develop your personality.

Dreams are like a maze which shows you where you’ll find a treasure. You have to learn the dream language to discover that all dream images have meaning and everything in a dream makes sense. The maze of confusion will then become as clear as the map of your neighborhood.

Dreams give you symbolic messages which are crucial for the development of your personality.

The treasure you will find is composed of wisdom, peace and happiness. However, because you have to fight against the wild side of your personality there will be many traps in the way.

For example you may have a strange dream in which you see yourself talking with many people you don’t know, when suddenly many aliens from another planet capture all of you.

Then you remember that there was a secret underground passage there. You find it and you manage to walk down certain stairs to the interior. However, you cannot find a way to go up, and you remain imprisoned underground.

Suddenly, you see a turtle, which starts slowly walking towards a dark tunnel. You see that there is light in the end of the long tunnel. You decide to follow the turtle, even though it will slow your journey to the end of the passageway and to the outside. At this moment, you awake up.

This dream had a very important meaning. It was explaining to you that:

– There are many parts of your personality that you are not aware of (the people you were talking to, whom you didn’t know).

– The wild side of your conscience is trying to control your behavior (the aliens from another planet that imprisoned all of you).

– You know that there is salvation, remembering the translation of the meaning of your dreams (you remembered the secret passage).

When you go underground you study the roots of your absurd behavior, which are related to the influence of the anti-conscience, your wild personality.

– There are too many things that you ignore about yourself or were never aware of in the first place. This is why you have to remain underground, without going back to the conscious surface. You have to carefully study this hidden content of your wild self, because this part of your personality is very dangerous (the dark tunnel indicates hidden dangers along your route, while the turtle indicates patience.)

You have to be as patient as a turtle. When you are patient you have a wise attitude because you examine everything very carefully.

– You’ll find the truth in the end (light in the end of the tunnel).

This dream was clearly reflecting your psychological introspection for analyzing the meaning of your dreams.

Personality development through dream interpretation is the elimination of all the negative components of your personality. At the same time, it is the development of your intelligence and of all your hidden capacities.

You become a wise and self-confident human being who is never dominated by anger, and who never makes mistakes. You always find the truth, and you always triumph.