Personality Development and Boosting Self-Esteem

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Every individual needs to develop his/her personality. Personality development is nurturing your strengths (assets) and make them work to your advantage. Even if you have weaknesses, you can still turn them into assets that could boost your self-esteem.

We are in the contemporary society now. In order to survive the inevitability of change, one needs to be smart and witty all the time by:

  • analyzing their traits,
  • assessing one’s strengths and weaknesses; and
  • accepting one’s imperfection.

Having positive thoughts and actions can give one an attractive personality because one needs to see the lighter side of anything and focus on the good parts even at worst scenarios. By doing so, one eventually develops a strong magnetism and likableness towards other people.

Being well-informed about what’s happening around can also boost one’s self-esteem because it would enable him/her to become a good conversationalist. Being confident in everything one says could gain trust and respect. One can strike up interesting conversations by sharing knowledge and interests that could influence others to indulge in a conversation.

Being open also to possibilities of meeting other people and expanding horizon is good in cultivating one’s personality. It could give an opportunity to know more and gain more knowledge especially in terms of acculturation and multiculturation.

At the individual level, differences in the way individuals acculturate or assimilate with others have been shown to be related to psychological and physical well-being. Thereby, improving one’s personality.

In terms of multiculturation, it is someones ability to adapt to cultural diversity of communities within a given society. It could be in a specific place such as schools, businesses, neighborhoods and the like.

Being able to adjust to different types of people could be appreciated by everybody regardless of culture and gender. Everybody would love people who can make them laugh and bring a lighter perspective in spite of a serious situation. This could give one a charming personality.

Aside from those being mentioned above, having an attentive and sincere listening skills is also necessary in order to have a magnetic personality. It means that, when somebody talks to you, listen with interest and give them all the attention and importance. By showing empathy instead of sympathy, one can lighten up one’s burden instead of prolonging it.

Moreover, the way one talks, dresses and carries his/herself tells about one’s personality. Each one of us is unique. We have our own angst in life. But the bottom line is how we address these weaknesses with grace and confidence. We just need to be ourselves and be proud of what and who we are instead of trying to be another person.

Being confident about our capabilities and being able to accept out weaknesses are the most important tools in having a pleasing personality.