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“Personal Development” is the new buzz-word of the 21st Century. The industry generates a staggering 1 billion dollars each year. The Internet is filled with personal development and self-improvement sites that offer ways to improve your life and achieve your goals. This industry is increasing exponentially! So if the self improvement gurus are doing their job correctly shouldn’t this industry be dwindling in size instead of getting bigger? It is logical to assume that as people find the answers to creating their dreams and achieving their goals then the need for personal development teachers would be lessened!

As we can see this is very far from the case!

Why is this so? Why is there an increase in self-help products and services?

Well there is a vast amount of evidence to suggest personal development and self improvement products work! We are aware that there are vast arrays of methods, techniques and products available that can reprogram the subconscious mind. We also know that the subconscious mind, when properly directed, can and will create anything. So why aren’t the majority of people, who embark on their own personal development, achieving their goals and creating the life of their dreams?

I believe the answer is simple!

The one thing that is inherent with most self improvement approaches is that they take responsibility away from the person who is using them! They tell us to listen to this tape, read that book or try our system and your life will transform magically! Hey offer a yellow brick road and an easy path to enlightenment through the false belief that no effort is required! They fail to tell you that you need the courage to look honestly at your own thoughts and beliefs before any change can happen. After all if you don’t know where you’re going and where you’re starting from how do you ever expect to reach your destination?

Personal Development and self- improvement can be tough, painful process at times as you are confronted with your own inner demons and forced to move beyond your comfort zone. You need to be willing to have courage to take action when you become aware of your own limiting beliefs and uncomfortable feelings but you also need to be willing to fail in your attempt to overcome your own obstacles before you get a break-through! Sometimes the going will be tough but the rewards are more than worth the temporary discomfort.

There are many excellent teachers who advocate taking action and facing your fears and some great products like the Sedona Method and The Effort Free Life System which can be used to make the transformation almost painless and instantaneous. But you still need to do some ground work and be willing to experience a little or a lot of discomfort!

It may be uncomfortable to confront your own mind to find out what beliefs you are harbouring and what thoughts & feelings you have which are holding you back in life. You must identify your own self-imposed limitations if you ever expect to over-come them. You must also identify exactly what you want from self improvement. You could be given three wishes but unless you know exactly what to ask for, you will probably not be satisfied with what you get! There are products, systems and techniques that can allow you to transform your life in any and every area but first you must do the work and identify where you need to make changes in yourself!

For example listening to a hypnosis session to create financial abundance will have little or no effect if your core beliefs about yourself and your world reflect lack, unworthiness and disharmony. A 20 minute hypnosis sessions isn’t going to work if you are spending 15 hours and 40 minutes thinking negatively about money. In fact it may even have the opposite effect!

You must first address your own issues in order that you can identified what is getting in your way, then chose a product that will help you rectify it. You need to change yourself from within first, then the world around you changes to reflect your new thoughts and feelings.

So, I believe the problem with personal development is that there is little or no emphasis placed on personal growth!

You must take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions and the direction your life has taken. Identify what needs changing and then change it. Make an honest introspection of your beliefs, values and thoughts and then look for products that are designed to help you change those one bit at a time. Stop looking for quick fixes. There is labor involved in personal development but the fruit of that labor is so sweet that it makes the hard work worth it and seem insignificant in comparison to your new outlook and life and ultimately you will be grateful for the journey.