Personal Development – The Big Stopper!

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The writing on the walls of our mind by our parents and the environment we were brought up in, in our early years will, to a large degree, determine our success in our chosen profession and the relationships we form throughout our life. They will help us or hinder us based on whether they are negative or positive beliefs. Many of the beliefs of our parents were placed there by their parents and so on through the ages and this more than anything is the reason why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

Some will try again and again only to fail again and again until they get to the point where they give up. Still others will give up as soon as they have a failure and slot themselves into the belief category “this is my lot in life”.

There are three key ingredients to achieving your goals. Desire, belief and expectation. Most, if not all people fail and give up because of their belief in themselves. They have the desire, they have the want but do not believe they are good enough or worthy enough therefore they have little or no expectation. Two of the key ingredients are missing and the desire will never be realized until they are added to the mix.

Much of the belief we have in our self comes from the writing on our walls form our early years of childhood. Parents in an effort to protect us write on our walls with beliefs that hinder us and limit us from being all we can be. Statements like “Don’t expect too much out of life” or “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” or “You have to work hard to make a living” are just a few. These become our real beliefs and not the achievement of our goal and we are destined to fail before we even start.

There are techniques available that “deal” with limiting beliefs and if you want more out of life then seek them out. Start by recognizing any beliefs that are holding you back and stopping you from being all you can be and then use the technique to eliminate them completely and you will soon begin to see your goals realized.