5 Stages Of Personal Growth

Wellness, is defined as the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort, and is a mindset we believe has seeped into the lives of the everyday global person, emerging as a lifestyle that continues to build momentum as we push […]

When considering entering the Federal market you must have planned how you’re going to prepare your competing strategy. Many large companies that have previously been Government contractors know how to make a good investment in order to improve their winning chances. However, this is not the case with some small […]

Are you a professional who works exclusively from home? When you work from home, most of the impression you make with business contacts is online. Whether it is through email or telephone communication or changes via social media or messages to your website. Most of the way you get your […]

1. Have a process to follow. Depending on the organization that you are working for or with, the project management methodology in use for the project may be dictated to you. Whether it’s your decision or not, find yourself a good project management guide and read it. This may be, […]

This article deals about Technical writing and discusses about how you adapt the writing process to suit the different stages of Software Development Life Cycle’s (SDLC) needs and requirements. Although there are many steps in SDLC, this article lists out only the important stages of SDLC. They are 1. Requirement […]

One of the most difficult assignments for any HR professional or OD consultant is to work with a manager who finds it necessary, either through personal choice or management edict, to reorganize a department. For many managers, the struggle is not only with the notion of change, but also with […]

Think up a name and check if yourname.com is available. Personally, I like to use http://www.whois.com to check if a domain name is available. You may also check the registrant contact information using “whois” service if you want to negotiate about purchasing the domain you like from people who registered […]

Resumes get less and less attention as technology improves. Employers and hiring managers will read them on the go using their smart phones or fly through hundreds of resumes a day using an Applicant Tracking System. Many hiring managers only devote 10-15 seconds to each resume. For that reason, it […]

It is remarkably simple to setup your own web page. This specific write-up traces the six steps which are necessary to create a web page from scratch. A lot of these steps can be carried out by any individual, and don’t expect you to comprehend any website coding or any […]