5 Stages Of Personal Growth

There comes a point in everyone’;s life where we are stuck. Our lives need a serious makeover. Some define it as ‘;being in a rut’; or ‘;caught in a funk’;. Some do not even bother to put a voice behind it, just hoping it will go away. The lucky ones […]

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a discipline mainly associated with the field of personal development. NLP uses various techniques and strategies to help people improve particular areas of their lives. NLP can most simply be defined as a system or process for self-improvement. Neuro – This relates to the use of […]

Are you wondering how to recruit new business partners into your MLM? So is almost every other network marketer out there. But it does not have to be this way for you … just take a look around at what everyone else is doing, and do the opposite! To show […]

In growing your business you may be looking in many directions for stimulus, ideas and pathways for development. But have you considered looking inward? If you have a small (SBE) to medium-sized company (SMEs), INSET or In-Service Training can provide for both immediate and long-term benefits for your company or […]

So, just the other day some of my students and I attended a workshop / seminar, that I’;d like to talk about for a bit. As is the usual, the instructor welcomed all guests at the beginning of class, including the attending Black Belts from other academies. It was in […]

Energy development & self healing can improve the quality of your life by giving you the inner fuel to deal with the circumstances of everyday life. Operativeness development is essential for self-assurance-faith healing. The reason is scarcely you compose your metabolic conformity you are mending your pilgrimage sustaining. To build […]

When first getting started with your business, you are told to identify your ‘;why’; and develop your vision. These will be the framework for putting together your business plan. These first steps are crucial to help you identify the audience you are going to target and resonate with. Get clarity […]