5 Stages Of Personal Growth

If I say the words "mind control", what pops into your head? Science fiction rayguns, maybe, or a sinister-looking hypnotist murmuring "You are in my power" ..? Well, let’;s kick those myths and stereotypes straight out! No device has yet been invented forbidden allowing you to control other people’;s minds […]

Many people who want to change undesired or negative behaviors try to use will power in order to make the behavior vanish. It seems that many of us fight in this way and expect these unwanted feelings to just disappear as a result. However, never was something more true than […]

Life coach courses allow people of any background develop the skills to help others reach their life goals. There are many different areas where life coaching can be applied. This variety of choices means you can tailor your training to the area that is right for you. The five most […]

Undoubtedly everyone at some point in their life has posted the question "Who am I?" This, along with "Why am I here?", "What is the purpose of life?", And other seeming transient questions, has been a query that has puzzled philosophers through the ages. Individuals and cultures alike have tried […]

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a unique approach to communication and self-development. Neuro Linguistic Programming acts as a bridge between three important aspects of our life: Psychology, Communication and Behavioral patterns. NLP is commonly used in treating phobias, learning disorders, depression and many more. NLP was first developed in the […]

Pretend you are a helpless, little creature in the bottom of a deep bucket with the rest of your family. For some, this will not take much imagination as it is an all too familiar scene. Okay. So you are on this journey of life … your adventure on planet […]

The nature and quality of personality development is determined by the nature and quality of a person’;s choices. When choices are extremely selfish, the nature and quality of an individual’;s personality will be negative and destructive. Whereas, when choice are consistently based upon what the individual senses and knows is […]

There comes a point in everyone’;s life where we are stuck. Our lives need a serious makeover. Some define it as ‘;being in a rut’; or ‘;caught in a funk’;. Some do not even bother to put a voice behind it, just hoping it will go away. The lucky ones […]