5 Stages Of Personal Growth

BASIC VALUES: Many worthy values ​​have been perceived to be inherent in sports participation, yet they are not accessible automatically to everyone who participates. There are values ​​that are not only worthwhile to pursue but need to be made available and accessible to more youth. It’;s not a matter of […]

What is self-awareness? This is unknown territory for many. In school we are seledom taught to do deep reflection. As we get older and become adults we get used in the cycle of productivity and consumption. As a result self reflection becomes something to be avoided so as not to […]

In order to achieve self development in life there is no such thing as luck. Personally, I know of another term; ‘;life opportunity.’; I do believe that anyone can create and manipulate circumstances in order to improve their lives. You can improve using the available limited resources at your disposal […]

The best tips for blogging you can follow are those that focus more on work habits along with your personal growth and development within the field! The best bloggers found online have come to realize that if they do not grow as individuals their traffic tends to decrease! Remember a […]

I recently came across a painting of "Mephistopheles" rendered by my partner’;s (Lana) Russian Grandfather Aluhin "Alexander" Lubimoff in 1913. My partner told me her grandmother, Alexandra, would almost be obsessed (at times) in talking about the enigmatic Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles has been written about in occult texts through history. Mephistopheles […]

There is a likely probability that somewhere along the line of your personal growth and development that you’;ve been led to believe that in order to make anything of yourself, you must make great achievements. Fortunately, that belief is false. Living an Exceptional Life by Jim Rohn explains in great […]

When we talk about the effects of domestic violence on children’;s growth and development, we are considering the effects of violence on children living in a place where spousal abuse is happening. Most of the children who are brought up in such an environment, often experience bad and suppressed childhood, […]

One of the resources that is informing my path of self-discovery is the book, "The Third Age: 6 Principles for Growth and Renewal After Forty" by William Sadler, Ph.D. He offers a distinction, "second growth," that speaks to me in my relationship to the aging process. He defines it as […]