5 Stages Of Personal Growth

Coaching is unique because it makes a special promise: transformation. At the root of any desire for personal development is the expectation that, every time they have an encounter with their coach, they have some how changed from the person they were into the person they more prefer to be. […]

Most of us don’t want our bodily death to be the end. Perhaps this is why in recent decades, many Europeans and North Americans have developed an interest in reincarnation. Contemporary films, books, and popular songs frequently mention reincarnation. This belief gives us hope that life continues beyond the grave. […]

As the commercial reminds us, a mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste. But to often we are content to let our gifts and abilities wither on the vine if it keeps us from verging too close to the unfamiliar and the unknown. But that way lies the path […]

Astronomy, by definition, is the scientific study of all objects beyond our world. Astronomy is the process by which we seek to understand the physical laws and origins of our universe. Though many view astronomy as a subject of academic research, it is a subject of personal development and personal […]

If you know about psychologist David Keirsey, then you know that he has a personality test that helps people better understand themselves and other people. He has listed different personality types documented based on distinct ways that people communicate and act. Here I will examine two of the personality types: […]

This is an interesting topic to reflect upon. The human mind is heavily influenced by preconceived ideas, regulations, actions and reactions accordingly. Edward de Bono says, "Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. At this joke, many heads will roll and debate constructively and arguably heatedly resulting is what is […]

There’;s a big, significant difference, between, holding some position of leadership, and becoming a true leader. People are either elected, selected, and / or ascend to certain positions, for a wide variety, of reasons, including not necessarily their qualifications, abilities, training, and potential to make a significant difference, for the […]

The three-year intensive program in media management was started combining the main elements of a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with the managerial challenges related to the media sector. This aspect needs to be focused specifically because of its vitality to the creative economies. The discipline equips every student with […]