Overconfidence Leads to Failure!

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I know everything attitude is a sign of overconfidence. This kind of people will always fall behind in their struggle of life. They will never try to learn from others. If self confidence is an ascending step on the ladder of success; overconfidence will drag you down while climbing towards success.

Overconfidence is one of the weak personality traits which will not allow you to scale the heights of success. Competence does not come by birth. Practice and experience enhances your competence. People with overconfidence feel that they know everything. Einstein said that ‘I know only one thing that I do not know anything’. What is our stand as an ordinary individual? Moreover these people give suggestions freely. They do not know their own faults and always tries to find faults with others. Anywhere in the world, good relations with people and their cooperation is very much important for the progress of an individual. Nobody can achieve anything living like a one man island.

There are many reasons for over confidence creeping into our psyche. Affluence, higher education, higher positions of parents or natural personality will make people to become over confident. Our own strengths along with genetic characteristics help us achieve greater heights in life. Confidence with limits of self awareness, continuous efforts with discipline, respect towards others, self respect, simplicity and modesty are the qualities of successful people.

Then how to identify whether yours is confidence or over confidence? People with confidence always put their efforts continuously. They never stop till they reach their goals. The more they reach towards goals; they will pace up their efforts. They never procrastinate and never avoid anything thinking about obstacles. One has to control his over confidence to achieve success consistently.

Your knowledge, skills, abilities and attitude will give you confidence to achieve your key result areas which will give you real confidence. This will help you to understand the needs of the workplace and organization at large. Confidence comes with knowledge as well as experience. Knowledge without experience is almost futile in the workplace. Experience without knowledge of the workplace needs is dangerous and it may not be helpful for the organizational development. A HR professional not knowing the importance of personality development in human resources development is not at all aware of the need of the organizational development. Though you have knowledge and not interested to apply the same in the workplace, it may be delayed, but definitely you will lose your job. Overconfidence will spoil your image and good image enhances your confidence.