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Today’s employees are much more mature and know what they want at work. Compensation, brand, labels are just not enough, employees need other inspiring things. And, in fact, demand them. Of course, organizations are offering them with glee.

Money does not motivate as much

Survey after survey in recent times have indicated that money is certainly not one of the prime motivators for employees. Perhaps, they are true to an extent at the entry level, but soon they realize that money alone can’t make life interesting or meaningful. They can buy a lot of things, but not self esteem or peer recognition. These days, for a few dollars more, no one is going to change jobs.

Organization culture inspires employees

Is the CEO a Steve Jobs, Lee Iacocca or Bill Gates? Does he inspire and foster a stimulating workplace culture. Is there freedom to work? Can one contribute beyond the scope of ones work? Do supervisors mentor and guide younger employees? Is there meaning at work and are there great workplace welfare measures in place? They are all questions in a prospective job seeker’s mind.

Empowerment in the role played

Everyone needs space to work effectively. And people constantly look for challenges at work. Scope for learning new things, working on exciting projects and cross functional experience is preferred by many employees. Well charted career paths that offer exciting leadership roles are sought after.

Scope for earning

Learning is a priority for many managers. They look for constant challenges at work where one gets to add a new skill or explore a project with experienced professionals. Mere training programs don’t enthuse smart managers. They are looking for independently working on projects or opportunities to work alongside senior professionals. One feels stagnated if one doesn’t get opportunities to learn. Organizations that offers scope to learn are seeing better retention.

Boss is the biggest motivating factor at work

All said and done, the boss is critical to an employee being effective. Supervisors who are ineffective in communication or uninspiring often see a lot of exits from team. So having a good boss who can lead, understand and nudge co-workers to improve performance and deliver to the organization’s goals, matter most in keeping employees happy and motivated.