Mindset of Millionaires and The Importance of a Coach

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Probably as many of you, I have attended many seminars for Personal Development & Self-growth and of course they are amazing.

I would normally come back and feel fantastic, be in a high, totally pumped and motivated and then after a few days I would get the seminar blues and miss all that environment with like minded people wondering if things are ever going to happen for me…

Going back to your normal routine, dealing with negative and mediocre people at work who think you are crazy for wanting to grow and improve yourself, those people who are happy doing the bear minimum and just stumble through life with no goals or aspirations.. arrgghh (shovel holders or UN-supportive friends in other words). Mmhhh sounds familiar? have you been in that place before?

I heard a lot in my seminars about the importance of getting a coach and I kept thinking, yeah right, am too cool for that, I am a self motivated person, I finish what I start, I always make my dreams a reality and get what I want, I don’t need a coach, that’s for the 95% of the people who are not capable of doing things on their own and need someone to push them… but out of curiosity I thought I would try them, as some of them were included as part of the seminars package, so I did, most of them are overseas and they talk to you on Skype, only using the audio, not the video, so just like a phone call but on the net, 30 minutes every 2 weeks, and as you are talking to them you see the clock ticking, you can nearly visualize them with a piece of paper in-front of them with a particular structure / agenda to follow and ticking the boxes while you are talking and most of what you are saying is going right through them as they ask their standard questions just to get through their own agenda…

So after a few calls, I just thought, what’s the point? is this helping me? it was feeling more overwhelming than anything as it was one more thing I had to do and fit into my already busy schedule, so I stopped!

Some days I felt great and I could just feel how high I was vibrating and how close I was to achieving my goals and desires and some days I would feel down in the dumps, totally unmotivated, asking myself: why am I even doing all this? is my time and money spent on all this worth it? some times I would just be crying for no reason and wanting to rip the vision board off my wall!!!

I started thinking: mmmhhh I think I do need a coach but I want someone who I can see face to face who will actually take the time to find out everything about me and care for me and know exactly what am going through and how am feeling most of the time! Of course as it turns out, the minute you put it out there to the Universe, it conspires to make it happen! A few days later as I was sitting at the Royal Children’s hospital with my little girls, a beautiful lady heard us speaking Spanish and came to us, she happened to be from the same town that I come from in Mexico! small world ha? We are chatting away totally amused that both of us coming from such a small place would meet at the other end of the world (that would be Melbourne)

She asked me what I did, I told her I was a travel agent but desperately needed a change as my true passion is really personal development, developing a strong mindset for success and my dream was to be able to influence and touch people’s lives in a positive way, she told me her neighbor was a “Meditation Life Coach” and happened to live just 20 mins from me!! Wow I couldn’t believe my luck!!! Well I could actually because at this stage of my life am kind of used to the amazing way the Universe works for us!

His name is Elie, I called him straight away and went over to see him, he works with a meditation that UN-blocks all the negative energy from your main centers, because there are so many things that have happened to us throughout our lives, as babies, children, teenagers, grown ups, that might be so simple but we never realized that at some stage they had become a block in our lives, mentally and emotionally; experiences, limiting beliefs, things we heard, situations that happened to us etc…

It is so important to get rid of these negative energy blocks so that all our energy centers can be aligned to work in harmony, so that we get rid of the “double buy ins” from our subconscious minds – the subconscious mind being the one that rules our lives! This way we can skyrocket to success, having our mind, body and spirit all going in one direction!!!

WOW Amazing Stuff!!!

Now I understand why all these successful people always say how important it is to have a coach and mentor in your life!!! You just need to find the right one!!

I have now realized that yes my seminars have been amazing and helped me incredibly, and without a coach, It would have taken me a long time to get to where I am, so having a coach was a short cut to speed my results (of course am a very impatient person and like things quick!!)

Did you know there are 7 Chakras and your strongest energy center (Chakra) out of the 7 is actually your sex chakra and not your head one??

Are you dying to know how my coach does it??

Well, I’ll have to save that for my next article because this one is already long enough!!

Very Exciting!!! Keep an eye on my next article!!!

Until the next one…

All the best, to your Success