Maintaining A Positive, Compelling, Consistent, Personal Image/Message: 4 Considerations

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In today’s super – saturated environment, courses are constantly being given, either in – person, or online, regarding nearly every aspect of leadership and personal development. There are so many aspects, many feel overwhelmed, because they try to be all – things – to – all – people! While there are many important skills and assets, needed by leaders, many overlook, the fact, until/ unless you appear genuine and real, others will generally pay little heed to what your message (no matter how relevant) may be! One of the most overlooked keys, is, maintaining a level of consistency, in everything you do, say, and everywhere you appear. This includes: in – person, in seminars, one – on – one conversations, your Website, Social Media presence, etc. This article will briefly review 4 considerations of maintaining that positive, compelling, consistent, personal image/ message. It must be positive, because potential followers generally mirror their leader’s behavior and attitude. Obviously, if what you say and do, is merely the same – old, same – old, why would others care to listen? If you say different things (or even give that appearance) to different audiences, or on varying media, you hurt your credibility!

1. Ask yourself what your core message is: Before one is able to effectively communicate, he must personally, understand and believe, in his core message. A leader will repeat certain phrases, and/ or themes, constantly, so if you aren’t fully committed, it will become evident! Also, how can anyone explain anything the someone else, if he hasn’t begun the process, by fully knowing and understanding, what he hopes/ aims to achieve? Do you know what yours is?

2. Thoroughly review all media, print, Website, Social Media, etc: There must be a common theme throughout all your efforts. Ideally, when others see them, they immediately associate them, with you. It may mean using a common set of graphics, a logo, or some specific, catchy, unique tag – line. If you want your efforts to be as worthwhile as possible, this is a necessity!

3. Examine/ consider what you say: Carefully examine what you say, and how you say it! Is your body language saying the same thing, your words are? Are you maintaining that consistent, positive, compelling message? Ask yourself, am I doing all I can, to maximize my efforts?

4. Perfect your elevator speech: An elevator speech is what you say, when given the opportunity to communicate, for a very limited period of time. It’s how you gain the attention of others, in a positive manner, without appearing to be selling anything! It’s the ability to ask people about their favorite topic (usually themselves), and not interrupt! It’s perfecting the curiosity approach, where you say, just enough to have the other party, ask for more information. It’s the ability to put what you do, and stand for, into succinct, positive, relevant, compelling words!

Don’t waste time, money, resources, energy and efforts, without maximizing the potential results! Maintain a consistent, positive, compelling personal image/ message!