LifePath Unlimited Review – Is LifePath A Legitimate Company?

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Are you thinking of joining LifePath unlimited but you are not sure whether LifePath unlimited is a scam? Well I want to give you some information about the company and introduce you to a site where you can get even more insight into this company so you can make a well informed conclusion as to whether it is a LifePath Unlimited scam.

I would like to start out by giving you the definition of a scam out of the dictionary:

Scam – is to cheat or defraud with a scam.

The slang definition is:

Scam – is to swindle someone or to deceive someone.

Now that we know what a scam is let’s take a look at the LifePath unlimited business opportunity to see if LifePath unlimited is really a scam.

Joe, Dave and Patrick created LifePath unlimited so the regular person can have the realization and the income vehicle to become very successful both personally and financially, so how have they achieved this?

They have produced three personal development products that are perfectly intended to open the mind up to what is truly possible in a person’s lifetime these products are of the uppermost quality in the personal development industry, now I know there are people who say that you can go and see Tony Robbins for a cheaper price but you don’t walk away from Tony’s seminar with a solid way to make money that very next day and you don’t walk away from Tony’s seminar with a real business.

I have nothing against Tony Robbins I really like his work and I truly enjoy listening to him in every breath of my body but his name was the first that came to mind.

Now LifePath’s products are high ticketed products which give you the opportunity to make a lot of upfront money even before the company make any money, let’s take a look at the commissions you make on these three products.

The first product is the discovery series which retails for $1,695 and you make a commission of $1000. The second product is the Breakthrough Conference which retails for $8,995 and you make a commission of $5000.

The third product is the Destiny Conference which retails for $14,995 and you make a commission of $9000.

You have to pay for the product to be able to collect commissions on that product and if you want more information about this just go to my LifePath Unlimited Review and you will get all the information you need to understand how you make money in the compensation plan.

So fundamentally LifePath Unlimited is offering you the chance to start your own direct sales business in the personal development industry by becoming a LifePath advisor and there are two ways you can become an advisor the first way is to pay the $99 administration fee for your website etc and then pass up your first 5 sales to your sponsor now that’s 5 thousand dollars going to your sponsor, I almost felt the shock hit you through my computer screen haha.

Who in their right mind would want to give 5 thousand dollars to their sponsor?

The second way and the smartest way to become an advisor is the purchase the discovery series then you are instantly in a money making position which will allow you to start making profits of $1000 today! The very moment you make a sale!

With LifePath unlimited you get paid first and what I mean by that is your customer pays you the retail price of $1,695, $8,995 or $14,995 you then take the $1000, $5000 or $9000 profit right off the top and then pay the wholesale amount to the company they then ship the product to your customer and you have just earned yourself 4 figures.

That is what they call free enterprise!

These are solely the direct commissions that you make from your efforts in your LifePath business there is still the aspect of repeat business where you earn a commission off the work that the people you bring into the business are doing and these numbers are just crazy!

LifePath Unlimited offers an exit tactic where you can retire in 2 years with a passive residual income of $120,000 per month by selling 100 discovery series, I know it sounds crazy but all will be explained in detail when you check out my LifePath Unlimited Review.

LifePath is a direct sales business which means you are required to make sales to make money so the income that you make with this business will be determined by how much work you put into your LifePath business and thanks to the internet you no longer have to hassle your friends and family to join you or buy your products.

OK so now we know what LifePath unlimited is offering and we have taken a deeper look into the income that is available in this company but I am sure there are still going to be people who read this and still for some reason think that LifePath unlimited is a scam.

The word scam is truly thrown around to loosely in this industry today because most people are too afraid to have a bigger goal in life for themselves just in case they fall short at achieving that goal or they have joined a company before and haven’t put enough work into it to get their business off the ground so they cry scam and scurry back to their safe little job where they get their comfortable little $600 per week all the while being able to just tip toe quietly to their grave.

In conclusion LifePath unlimited is not a scam they are offering a clear system for you to create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of you just need to make the commitment and do the work that is needed to build your LifePath business sure there is risk involved but what successful person hasn’t taken a risk to get where they are today?