LESSONS Leaders Learn

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There is no such thing, as a born – leader, even though, some individuals, often, seem to believe, they are entitled, to, automatically, become one! Effectively leading, means, being one of the rare individuals, who is ready, willing, and able, to care deeply, perceive and conceive of what is needed, and necessary, as well as the necessary, goals, priorities, etc, to be relied – upon, to make a difference, for the better. We all improve and become capable, when we pay keen attention, listen effectively to discover the perceptions and priorities of constituents, and consistently learn, from every conversation and experience, in order to garner sufficient expertise, etc. With that in mind, this article will briefly examine, consider, review, and briefly discuss, using the mnemonic approach, the necessary LESSONS, leaders must learn.

1. Listen; learn; leading: Our greatest lessons come, from effectively listening, and learning, consistently, from every conversation and experience! Leading means making a significant difference, for the better, in the lives of constituents, as well as the best interests of the specific organization.

2. Empathy; emphasis; endurance; excellence: Listening and learning, are essential ingredients, towards possessing and maintaining genuine empathy, based on an emphasis on excellence! Since there are always certain obstacles, one must maintain the endurance, to go – on, when pseudo – leaders, often give – up!

3. Strengths; stronger: Begin the process of leading, with objectively, introspectively, examining, considering and determining, both, the group’s, as well as your personal strengths! An essential objective of a quality leader must be, to leave his group stronger, than he found it!

4. System: Getting things accomplished, rather than merely, having good intentions, but running around, in circles, requires proceeding in an organized, focus manner! In order to do so, it’s essential to develop, and use a relevant system, based on reality, needs, relevance, and sustainability!

5. Open – minded; options; opportunities: Rather than believing you have, all the answers, a great leader must proceed, in an open – minded, manner! One must consider, carefully, all the viable options and alternatives, and prepare, to recognize and take advantage of the finest opportunities!

6. Needs; nuances: Focus your strategies and actions, on the needs, goals, and priorities, which best meet the specific objectives, of your organization! Each group has specific differences, and, therefore, it takes, addressing the nuances, in a customized manner!

7. Sustainable solutions: Rather than placing a band – aid, on a wound, is not leadership! Great leaders seek relevant, sustainable solutions!

Will you focus, and learn the LESSONS, great leaders need? Are you the right person, for the tasks?