Learn How to Detoxify Your Mind For Success

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The definition of toxic waste is, and I quote, “unwanted chemicals that are the result of manufacturing or industry and that are poisonous to living things.” (Webster Dictionary “Toxic Waste.”) Close quote. This type of waste is so toxic that it’s put in special containers and buried deep within the Earth. Nobody wants to live near it because of its poisonous side effects. There is a different type of toxic waste that I am going to share with you today; it does not deal with the environment, but an inner poison that will destroy your self-esteem and the will-power to succeed. Yes, it is contagious through your attitude and actions. You will learn how to detoxify your mind from this poison, so that you can re-program your mind for success.

1. Attitude

No one wants to be around a person who is in a bad mood. There is a scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where Kylo Ren sees an empty chair in the interrogation room, in a burst of outrage, he immediately starts destroying the room with his lightsaber, because Rey managed to escape. Two Stormtroopers approached the room, but turned around to avoid the rage of Kylo Ren. When you are in a bad mood, chances are, you will put everybody else around you, in a bad mood.

2. Actions

You become a toxic waste to everyone else through your actions. In the self-improvement field, we call it self-defeat and it starts by one person admitting defeat before an event takes place. When there is evidence of self-doubt among a group, it is caused by one person, who spends most of their time in toxic waste, metaphorically speaking. They would share their poison by making these statements:

A. Why even bother, we would just lose anyway.

B. They are smarter and talented than we are.

C. This project is a waste of time, let’s go and do something else that is fun.

I will show you how to detoxify your mind from these toxic wastes so that you can succeed and be a leader among your family and friends. There is a movie clip from “Facing the Giants,” that is posted on YouTube. During this clip, one of the players was asking their coach a question about a particular team they were going to play later in the football season. Without hesitation, the team captain (Brock) spoke and showed signs of defeat because that team was far superior than they were. The coach had Brock come forward and wanted him to do the “death crawl,” but there was a catch to it, Brock had to carry another player on his back and be blind-folded at the same time. The coach did not put a limit on how far Brock is supposed to go, instead, the coach said, “I want to see your absolute best.” Close quote. As Brock began the death crawl, he had no problems at first, but as he continued on, fatigue started to creep in and soon, thoughts of quitting filled his mind. Brock begged his coach to stop; the fire and pain were taking a toll on Brock’s body, the coach replied, “Then let it burn!” Close quote.

This is my message to you, burn all that personal, toxic waste that is preventing you from moving forward in life. The treatment and cure for your personal, toxic waste is to forget yourself and go to work, do not make any excuses of why you cannot complete a certain project. Have someone at your side, get an item, or be in a certain place that will inspire to greater heights, so that you days is filled with peace and happiness.

Starting today, learn how to detoxify your mind and be a better person.