Leaders Need VIABLE Solutions

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In nearly every group and/ or organization, we often, witness, some individuals, who either, are elected, selected, or ascend to a position of leadership, who appear, either unprepared, unready, unwilling, or unable, to effectively, make a difference, for the better. Being a quality leader, involves, far more, than, simply making empty promises, and/ or rhetoric, and, even, believing, they are well – prepared, for the necessities of leadership, etc. Rather, we need a leader, who fully considers the needs, goals, and priorities, of the specific group, weighs alternatives, and strategically, creates an action plan, which is directed, towards the finest possible, VIABLE solutions, options and alternatives. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this makes a true difference, for the better.

1. Value; values; vision; vitality; virtues: If you hope to be a leader, you must seek, to offer, true value, to the group, and stakeholders, which align, with the values of the particular group. One must possess, and provide, a vision, which inspires and motivates, others, in a positive way. Why do you believe you possess this set of virtues, and/ or, how will you effectively develop these, and properly plan, to lead?

2. Integrity; imagination; issues; instincts: One’s integrity must be absolute, or others, will notice! How well developed is your imagination, so you might offer positive direction, towards addressing the issues, which matter? Do you have the necessary instincts, to make a quality difference, for the better?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: A real leader must possess a true, positive, can – do, attitude, combined with a well – developed, and formulated, aptitude, and skill – set! When these are done, while maintaining keen attention to details, and the best options and alternatives, a leader’s influence is significantly enhanced!

4. Benefits; best; beliefs: Shouldn’t one of the primary focuses of any leader, be, one, which emphasizes providing benefits, in a relevant, sustainable manner, for the group, and stakeholders? Shouldn’t a leader, move forward, consistently, with his best, and finest efforts, etc? Only when leader’s beliefs, align, directly, with the best, most relevant, and sustainable, needs, goals, perceptions, etc, of those he serves, and represents, will, anything he does, become truly meaningful, and viable!

5. Listen; learn; leadership: One must commit to consistently, listen, far more than he speaks, and learn, from every conversation, and experience! Only then, will he provide the quality leadership, his group, and constituents, need, and deserve!

6. Empathy; emphasis; endurance; excellence; energy: When leaders possess and proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy, they will place their emphasis, where it will do, the most good! Since there will always be obstacles and challenges, it’s important for an individual, to possess the utmost endurance, and continue to seek results, based on the highest degree of personal excellence! These qualities will energize others, to care more deeply, and will help, you proceed, with the necessary degree of energy!

Are you ready, willing, and able, to proceed, towards quality, VIABLE solutions? Will you be up, to the task?