Is Your Company a Great Place to Work?

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There is no doubt that the business organizations named “the best place to work” do not provide everything that employees need and would like to have but they provide the most promising work environment, compared to their peers, that allows their employees to succeed in furthering their careers. So when an organization is named as “great place to work,” it implies that the organization has become the employer of choice for those who work there and prospective employees that would like to work there. This in essence portrays a working environment where once an employee makes it there as part of the workforce, would like to continue to work there. The employees make the commitment to the employer and are committed in engaging on the work they do.

For a company or an organization to be named into the list of “the great place to work”, it means that those named have gone the extra mile to invest more on their employees as well as addressing the most pressing of their needs. The organization selected for “a great place to work,” is seen as that organization where its employer try as much as possible to meet the needs of its employees. The organizations are seen as creating a good working environment, which then translate as being an “employer of choice”. Employees and potential employees will like to choose that place to work because their individual needs are likely to be met. These needs are designed around policies that allow the organization to promote individual employee’s personal growth and are afforded the opportunities to learn, be challenged, grow and succeed.

The organization selected for a “great place to work” provides a platform for training and mentoring programs for its employees from the very day they are hired through every stage of their career with the organization so they can succeed. The organization’s HR policies allow for tuition reimbursement for education attained outside of work. Also, the HR practices provide a platform where employees are treated decently, which in essence means that people are given decent wages and good benefits that include decent and affordable healthcare.

The organization provides a flexible work schedule for working mothers given that these mothers have lives outside of work, and that such lives can sometimes interfere with their work. So, creating an environment that allows for some flexibility means that time and money will not be wasted on turnover, but rather will build the employees’ commitment and loyalty toward the organization. The organization understands its role in the community and the world at large. The environment is very important to them therefore, they think about their carbon emission to the atmosphere. They support local projects and encourage its employees to give back to the community.