Is the Secret a Load of Garbage Or is There Really a Science to Getting Rich?

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If you are in any way interested in self improvement or personal development issues then you will have undoubtedly have seen, read or at least heard of The Secret. Although there has been a best-selling book called The Secret it really began its life as a DVD movie type introduction to a powerful universal law.

In this visual exploration of the universal Law of Attraction Ronda Byrne, the video feature’s producer, enlisted the help of many teachers from the personal development arena. Although these teachers were happy and eager to participate in the presentation no-one had any idea of the phenomenal success that would ensue after it was released on the Internet, television and later for retail sale.

Since its worldwide success many of the teachers featured on The Secret have become household names or at least extremely famous within the self-help field.

Therefore it is not surprising that many of them have tried to cash-in on their increased fame and use it to further their own work and bring attention to their own private projects. Obviously every one of the teachers in The Secret was already successful or else Rhonda Byrne would not have included them so we can rule out the thought that any of them earned the immense fortunes through taking advantage of that particular DVD features.

However, some people may be a little jaded and think that many of the teachers have used the success of The Secret as leverage to improve their own careers – which is probably the case. However, this does not mean that they have nothing of value to offer or that they don’t have products of worth!

Riding on the back of one success to help yourself become more successful is used in every area of life and business. So, why not use it in personal development especially if it gives more visibility to people, products and services that can make a difference to how you live your life.

Probably one of the best systems to come from The Secret is the SGR program offered by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith. All three of these personal development teachers featured very heavily in The Secret and have come together to form a company dedicated to teaching ordinary people how to create extraordinary results, especially in the area of personal finances.

From what I can tell of their program it is well though-out, expertly executed and filled with real practical and tangible tools for improving your life.