Interested In Coaching? Don’t Bother

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Many of us are interested in personal improvement. It has been the fastest growing industry for the last 10 years. With personal development comes coaching. There are many different coaching approaches today. Just sifting through the different coaching styles available takes time. If you are merely interested in coaching though, chances are that you will never take the time to learn enough about it to make an educated decision.

These are harsh words for a reason

Let’s be honest with ourselves. The reality of life is such that in order to make positive changes in your life you have to put in some effort. It means that you will have to give up something, usually a lot of bad habits, and replace them with better ones.

Bad habits aren’t released over night, while good habits take time to acquire

Sure you and a million others are interested in the idea of dropping bad habits and acquire good ones. The big question though is this:

Are you committed to do what it takes to become that new person?

It is a statistical fact that most people who buy a book don’t even read the first 50 pages. I know for a fact that 50% of the people who purchase my trading psychology course for $400.00 on my website don’t bother following through with the material for a mere eight weeks. That is the time allocated to learning the techniques in the course.

Coaching brings results if you commit to it

The difference between being interested and being committed is that you probably are glancing at this article, but you won’t do anything else. You have a passing interest in coaching, just as you probably have a passing interest in many other subjects.

Very few people commit to anything in life

Excellence requires more than interest. It requires unrelenting focus and effort and the willingness to go through the uncomfortable period of change.

Change isn’t an overnight process

I know of personal development coaches who offer one hour taster sessions. The idea is that hopefully the clients are that impressed that they will book 6 months of coaching, the minimum required in my view to achieve measureable noticeable change.

What happens after the first free session most people will think about it. A few may book another session, or two and that is the end of it. They will feel some benefit, but they will not get lasting results that are life changing.

Don’t fall for the idea that one or two coaching sessions will change your life. They won’t.

The “sudden” success stories that happen “over night” are usually the result of much hard work, trial and error which has often gone on for years beforehand.

Most of us aren’t born geniuses. Less than one % are prepared to put in the work to get the most from coaching.

You probably spent a very long time being interested in coaching before you make the commitment to coaching and commit to doing whatever is required from you to change.