How/ Why Leaders PROMOTE Their Ideas?

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If a leader, hopes to achieve his objectives, he must effectively, efficiently, articulate, his ideas, and inspire and motivate, his stakeholders, to buy – into, his proposals, etc. How can anyone, accomplish, what he seeks, and needs, unless/ until, he creates a strategic and action plan, focused, clearly, on the best way, to PROMOTE these, to those, he serves and represents? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, identify, consider, explore, explain, and discuss, how, and why, this is so important, using the mnemonic approach. How can anyone get what’s needed, achieved, unless, he inspires and motivates, others, towards a meeting – of – the – minds, and the common good?

1. Priorities; perceptions; planning: A quality leader must begin, by taking a true, introspective, objective, look, at what his perceptions are, and why he wants to lead? When one identifies his personal, as well as the group’s priorities, and needs, he is able to begin the essential tasks, of strategic planning, and implementing a relevant,sustainable, quality, viable, action plan!

2. Relevant; realistic; rationale: One must understand his rationale, before promoting any agenda, and/ or ideas! Consider, whether, your approach is truly relevant, and will seek to make a viable difference, for the better, rather than merely, change – for – change, sake! If one fails to consider, whether his approach, is realistic, and meaningful, how can he effectively promote it, to others?

3. Objectives; options: What might you want to achieve, and why? If you don’t begin, by knowing your objectives, and believing. strongly, in your approach, why are you introducing them? Quality leaders take the time, and make the effort, to identify, and consider, as many viable options and alternatives, as possible, in order to develop, create and implement, the best possible plan!

4. Motivate; mention; make mark: How can anyone make their mark, for the better, unless/ until, they are capable of motivating their constituents, and stakeholders, towards a sustainable future? Since most people like to be thanked, great leaders consistently, mention, and thank others, for their efforts!

5. Orderly; organized; outstanding: Leadership must be orderly, meaningful, relevant and sustainable! Unless. until one proceeds, in an organized, well – conceived, and planned manner, how can he achieve the most outstanding results?

6. Timely; trends: Times evolve, and groups must take advantage of the relevant trends, if they are to be relevant, and sustainable! Procrastination must be avoided, and leaders must proceed, with well – considered, timely ideas, and action plans!

7. Evolving; effective; energy: Evolving organizations are effective, because existing, and potential constituents, consider them, to be effective and meaningful, to associate with. If a leader hopes to promote his message, it must energize these individuals, to greater commitment, and involvement!

If you hope to achieve your plans, you must be ready, willing and able, to effectively, PROMOTE them! Are you prepared, and up, to the task?