How True Leaders Get It DONE?

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Don’t measure, or, even, consider, the quality, and/ or effectiveness of any leader, either by the level of their rhetoric, how well they articulate and/ or present it, or, whether you like the individual’s personality or broad perspectives/ messages! Rather, a true leader, must be measured, and demonstrate, his readiness, and ability, by, his level of preparation, perceptions, empathy, strategic planning, and readiness to not only, create, but, also, implement, the most relevant, sustainable, action plan. Seek leaders who pursue achieving relevant objectives, focused on the common good, and realize, they must, bring these, to fruition. Let’s review, briefly, therefore, using the mnemonic approach, what some of the essential components, involved, of getting it, DONE.

1. Delve deeply; duties; determine; deliver: Many say they will, but it is the rare individual, who is ready, willing, and able, to delve deeply, with an open – mind, considering options and alternatives, and prioritize, serving their constituents, and doing their duties, wisely, effectively, and efficiently! When one determines what is needed, and avoids empty rhetoric and promises, but, rather, looks to deliver, on what is best, relevant, and sustainable, he begins, to become a true leader!

2. Options; opportunities; orderly; organized; optimize: Options only matter, when they are used, to take advantage of, and recognize the best opportunities! This must be done, in a well – considered, orderly manner, and in a planned, well – considered, organized way! Great leaders optimize situations, in order to achieve, well – beyond, the ordinary, rest – of – the – pack!

3. Needs; nuances; nerves; necessities: Begin by effectively listening, and learning, from every conversation, and experience, in order to develop the relevant judgment, wisdom, and expertise, needed, to address the needs of those one serves! Every group has specific nuances, and effective leaders, appreciate, recognize, and address these, proactively. He must also have the nerve, to expand the restrictions of his personal comfort zone, and discover, and use, the necessities of getting others more involved and committed, by motivating and inspiring them!

4. Empathy; energize; emphasis; excellence; endurance: Instead of going, through, the motions, a real leader, exhibits the utmost degree of genuine empathy, consistently! The goal must be to energize the organization, and constituents, in a positive, motivating, inspiring way! This should direct the focus and emphasis, with a focus on excellence, instead of settling for good – enough! This requires an extraordinary, rare degree of endurance, to continue to pursue things, in a positive way, rather than a rhetorical one!

Will you give leading, lip – service, or strive, to get what’s needed, DONE? Are you up to the task of true leadership?