How to Recruit Alpha Networkers in Network Marketing

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If you’;re in network marketing, you might be familiar with Magnetic Sponsoring. It’;s an attraction marketing training created by Mike Dillard and used by thousands of network marketers.

The Magnetic Sponsoring team, now headed by Tim Erway and Ryan Angelo, recently released three free videos (fourth one coming soon), as a pre-launch to the newest training called Alpha Networker 2.0.

I’;m not promoting the training as an affiliate but have watched the three videos and I think there’;s great value that you can learn and implement in your business right away.

But in this article, I’;m not addressing the Alpha Networker training itself, but principles of business success which will never change. The main principles are mindset and marketing.

# 1 Mindset
# 2 Marketing


Most people fail in network marketing because they do not have the right entrepreneurial mindset, and lack of marketing skills to succeed. These are the two main principals that every successful entrepreneur must master.

But having the business skills is one part of your overall success. The other critical part is personal growth and that’;s why having the right mindset is as equally important as having the business skills.

Successful entrepreneurs not only have the right mindset but they understand the mentality behind success. They think success but also take daily action towards success. They’;re dreamers but also do-ers. To achieve mega success in network marketing, you have to develop a warrior like mentality.

If you’;re not mindually tough, you’;re not going to make it in network marketing.


Every business comes down to marketing. Without new leads, your business will fail. Having great products is not enough because there is no shortage of consumer products. You can not sell products or find potential recruits if they do not know about your business.

Tips on becoming a superstar in network marketing:

# 1 Become a student of personal growth. Leaders invest heavily in personal growth and development. The more you invest in yourself the more net-worth you have which increases your personal value.

# 2 Inner mastery. You, alone, are in control of your life and business success. We all need some luck to succeed but successful people have the ability to attract and create luck. It starts with mastering what you think about, what you do, how you manage your emotions, and so forth.

# 3 Take 100% responsibility for your business. Stop complaining and blaming the company you represent, the compensation plan, the products, the team members. It’;s your business and you get to choose what to do with it. If something’;s not working, then you need to change it.

# 4 Be a learner. Be open, coachable, open-minded to new experiences, training, and explore every hidden opportunity. Successful people ‘;create’; their own opportunities. They look at every experience as something to be learned from.

# 5 Stay on top of what’;s happening in your industry. Watch the movers and shakers. What are the successful people doing? What can you learn from them? Create a success environment for yourself. Find a virtual mentor who you admire and emulate their successes but be YOU.

If you apply these five tips, you’;ll go far in your business. Business success is not complicated. Whatever you desire and want to achieve, it has to start with you.