How to Obtain and Develop Wisdom

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The obtaining and development of wisdom is firmly planted within the individual. One must first lay a nurturing foundation within themselves in order for wisdom to thrive. Wisdom is intangible and is not something bestowed upon someone. It is an evolving and ever-changing state of being. In the following, I will discuss how to prepare the mind to receive wisdom and how to continually develop this, “sixth sense”.

The first step in obtaining and developing wisdom is taking stock of your mindset. Do you have a mindset that invites wisdom? I have found that there are common themes and thought patterns that discourage a wisdom filled life, such as:

1. Only seeing negativity in every situation

2. A “know it all” attitude

3. Inflexibility

4. The inability to empathize with others thoughts or feelings

The majority of people will most likely refuse to believe that they have ever had any of the above listed thoughts. However, I urge you to be honest with yourself, we have all thought this way at one point or another. The issue becomes when these thought patterns become habitual, then they will manifest themselves in our approach to life. If you have some trouble with self-realization in this regard, I suggest keeping a journal to keep track of your reactions and thoughts.

Once an honest assessment is complete and you have identified the mindsets and thought patterns keeping you from an enlightened life, you must then decide to change. Change can be an intimidating word for some, but I look at it as more of an inspiration or opportunity.

The reason the first step in this process is the identification of negative thought patterns is because those very things are what keeps us from obtaining wisdom, or in some cases, more fully developing it. Having such ingrained thought patterns limits the awesome abilities of the human brain and can in some instances cause us to miss out on extraordinary opportunities and can dim the human experience.

Where do we go from here? Assuming that your negative thought patterns have been identified and you have made the conscious decision to make change, how are you going to do it? There are self-focused methods to carry out these goals as follows:

1. Make a list of your old mindsets and attitudes. Then, make a list of mindsets and attitudes to replace them with.

2. Everyday make the commitment to yourself to be wise.

3. Hold yourself accountable to the changes you wish to make.

4. Take action each day towards you wisdom goals.

5. Involve family or trusted friends in the process.

By this stage of the game you have identified your negative thought patterns and realized how they affect your life. Secondly, you have decided to make positive changes in your life and have hopefully begun to do so. At this point, you are on the cusp of obtaining wisdom but the development thereof is continuous. Much like the thought patterns listed above are the enemies of wisdom, the following is a list of mindsets and attitudes that allow wisdom into your life:

1. Look for positive outcomes in every situation. This includes innovating problem solving methods. You’d be surprised what you can do and learn with an open mind.

2. Believe that you have very little knowledge. This allows your mind to become more receptive to new information.

3. During discussions, really listen to what the other person is saying, perhaps they shared a piece of information that you didn’t have.

4. Most importantly is to view yourself as a constant student of life!

To make sure that you are constantly learning new information and becoming wiser, keep a journal. Keep track of the changes you have made in your life and take some time to self reflect. The continual development of wisdom lies in the ability for you to regularly make honest self-assessments and be ready to take action towards your own personal development. Make that positive decision each day!

Although there are different factors in peoples’ lives that can affect their personal development, or quest to wisdom, this is a basic roadmap. More than living a wise and enlightened life however, I encourage you all to live a good life. The power is within each of us to make changes in our lives and not simply survive as a victim of circumstance! I wish you all much luck during your life journey!