How To Develop The INSIGHT Of A Leader

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While many aspects and necessities of effectively leading, may be taught, trained, and/ or developed, when someone takes it seriously, and has sufficient commitment, there is a degree of intuitiveness, needed and necessary, for one, to get things accomplished, and transform obstacles, to challenges (to overcome), rather than seeing these, as problems! True leaders must possess the INSIGHT, to see things as they could, and should be, and ask, why not, rather than merely seeing them, as they are, and complaining, and/ or questioning, why they are! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly discuss, examine, consider, and review, using the mnemonic approach, some of the essentials, related to this, and why they matter.

1. Ideology; integrity: A quality leader must believe in, and commit to, the core ideology, of the organization, he represents, and constituents, he serves! There is no place, for false – belief, but, rather, he must proceed, consistently, with the utmost degree of genuine, absolute integrity, in order to objectively consider needs, priorities, and options.

2. Needs; nuances: True leadership must be based on, and focus on the needs, perceptions, goals, and priorities, of the group, and a willingness, to proceed, with a nuanced approach, in order to address the unique characteristics of the specific organization.

3. System; sustainable solution: Leading doesn’t merely happen, but requires a well – considered, system, to address, the best way to proceed. Pseudo – leaders, often, seem to fear expanding their personal comfort zones, while genuine ones, examine options, opportunities, heritage, and needs, and introduce quality, sustainable solutions.

4. Ideas; imagination: Will you develop, possess, and utilize a relevant imagination, in order to be able to recognize and differentiate between, pie – in – the – sky, and meaningful ideas?

5. Generate goodwill; growth: One must accept the reality, that organizations, either consistently undergo relevant growth, or lose their relevance and sustainability! To do so, he must realize, the need to constantly, generate goodwill, not merely by his rhetoric and/ or promises, but, rather by his actions and strategies!

6. Heritage/ history; healing; head/ heart: In order to lead, a specific group, one must examine and understand the history and heritage, and its significance, to the mission and vision of that organization. One’s efforts must focus on healing, and uniting, rather than polarizing! Doing so, requires, using, both, one’s emotional and logical components, in a head/ heart balance.

7. Timely: While procrastination, is, probably, the single – biggest, obstacle, to effectively, making a difference, true leaders realize, they must proceed, in both, a well – considered, as well as, timely manner!

Will you develop and pursue the INSIGHT of a leader? Should you pursue this path?