How to Channel Method Acting for Self-Improvement

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In a hyper-competitive business environment advertisers use the very best in behavioral scientific services to influence and seduce the public to buy things they can barely afford and don’t need, particularly the luxury market. The imagery of an almost unattainable and certainly unsustainable lifestyle bombards us 24/7 from every device imaginable and penetrates deeply into our subconscious.

Nonetheless we can utilize use these influencing tools and selectively harness them to our advantage. There are aspects of ourselves which we know we must improve upon yet we have the illusion that we need to take a course, a seminar or another time-consuming activity to teach us. For sure there are excellent self-improvement programs but sometimes they’re not scheduled nearby, or at our convenience or within our budget. Another option is that you can hit the ground running immediately and engage in a self-educational crash course in method acting.

Often to reach the final result of a self-improvement goal you must build the foundation which provides long-term and durable support once you attain it. Confidence is composed of several components one of which is posture. Having good posture sends powerful signals to your brain resulting in behavior modification which in turn visually conveys to others that you have confidence.

An excellent example of demonstrating consistently excellent posture is through method acting. One example is Daniel Craig in his Bond roles. Focus specifically on all his non-action scenes which emulate real-life, everyday situations. Whether Craig sits, stands or walks, and even when transitioning from one to the other, he does so smoothly, effortlessly and assuredly which exudes a confidence demeanor. He never fidgets, slouches or plops in a seat.

Complementing this body language is the confident inflection, tone and cadence of his voice and how his short and concise sentences with direct eye contact complete the package.

I selected Craig because he’s the first Bond to appear in extended scenes in which he looks as if he went 15 boxing rounds bloodied with cuts, bruises wearing ripped, blood-stained clothing. In other words Craig still maintains that superb posture and demeanor regardless of the circumstances. These particular scenes are easily accessible on-line and can be accessed anywhere, anytime for reference.

Anger management issues? Check out any of the actor astronauts in the movie Apollo 13 and examine how they interacted professionally with one another and Mission Control under extreme duress in the most dire of circumstances. Exuding a “cool, calm and collective” attitude in how you communicate is critical in obtaining the information you need to accomplish the mission.

By using this method you’ll initially experience fits and starts and you’ll more than likely regress somewhat or stumble when you’re tired because that’s when you’re weakest. Because we’re all human this is not a project that demands perfection, rather a high level of consistency under varying circumstances. This is all a work in progress and the further along you establish these traits as second nature, the less difficult the transition to a new and improved you.