How Software Development Has Changed Human Life

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Software development is a million-dollar industry in the United States nowadays. The computer-dependent lifestyle of Americans has created an instant market for computer software and other solutions. The constant changes in computer technology and how it influences business and so many other activities has made software development an essential contributor not just to the American economy, but also to the foreign economies.

A lot of the big software companies in the United States today started out as small business ventures. They were once run by what a lot of people would consider as geeks – computer whiz kids who opted to drop out of universities such as Harvard and Stanford to start their companies in their parents’ garage. Eventually, the geeks, bearing so much expertise on computers that average individuals lacked, came out with software programs that eventually became staples of today.

The development of software for a variety of uses is in constant need. As technology evolved, so did the needs and wants of individuals who use computers. To adjust to these new set of human needs and wants, computer experts also came up with new software and updated versions of the pre-existing ones.

Today, various types of software can be found almost everywhere. Simple personal computers at homes can be packed with software that used for different purposes such as the creating documents and surfing the Internet. More complicated and highly-specific software, such as database management and accreditation systems are used by large entities such as businesses and organizations.

The development of simple software such as those in personal computers and business software, such as database management and accreditation systems, pumps in billions of dollars into the economy. Software developers also employ millions in the United States and in other countries, making them partners in the quest for the creation of more jobs. Software developers also provide support to undergraduate and graduate computer and information technology (IT) programs for colleges and universities worldwide.

Simple personal computers and complex database management and accreditation systems software are now an integral part of the daily activities of people. Without software, a lot of activities, such as data management will be difficult to perform. Topics about software may seem to be too geeky to a lot of people, but seeing its impact on almost all aspects of life is something worth noticing and talking about.