How Leaders Seek SOLUTIONS

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If you have ever attended one of my seminars or training sessions, or read some of my other articles, you realize, I firmly believe, it is imperative upon someone, who wishes to be a real leader, to focus on solutions, and avoid the easy, lazy tendency, to blame and/ or complain! It reminds of a line in the well – known poem about winners versus losers, A winner is always a part of the solution; A loser is always the problem. Since we often spend much time, energy and resources, in what is referred to as, seeking solutions, I decided to contribute this brief article, using the mnemonic approach, to discuss how true leaders seek SOLUTIONS.

1. Strength: Proceed in a way which makes the group stronger, and base your decisions of strengths, rather than merely avoiding addressing weaknesses. Every group, and everyone in a leadership position, possesses certain strengths, as well as areas of weakness, so doesn’t it makes sense, to emphasize and properly utilize areas we are strongest in, while systematically addressing areas of weakness.

2. Objective; open – minded: Finding the best approach, often requires expanding one’s comfort zone, so as to proceed towards the most desirable objective. If you can be open – minded, and consider options and alternatives, you will become a stronger leader!

3. Listen; learn: Newsflash: You don’t know it all, or have all the answers! A great leader becomes relevant and empathetic, when he disciplines himself to effectively listen, and learn from every conversation and/ or experience!

4. Urgent: Urgency is far different from panic! Obstacles and challenges are not overcome, when one procrastinates, and/ or fails to proceed forward! Rather, treat things as being urgent, consider alternatives thoroughly and carefully, and proceed, in the best possible way!

5. Timely treatment: Learn from the past, understand the present, address current needs and concerns, in a timely, focused, well – considered manner, and do so, with an eye on being relevant and sustainable!

6. Ideas; intents: What goals do wish to achieve? Every plan and course of action should have specific aims, goals and intents, which your modifications, tweaks, etc, should keep in mind! True leaders proceed with quality ideas, focusing on what’s needed for the group he serves!

7. Organized: Create a personal system, which is most effective for you. When one is organized, he effectively uses his time, energies, and other resources, seeking the best, most viable solutions!

8. Needs: Leading should always be based on needs, because what good is any plan, program or action, if it does not address what constituents perceive as concerns, etc?

9. Sustainable system: Those thinking only about today are myopic (short – sighted) individuals! While the past is important, as a basis of understanding heritage, etc, only when solutions are part of a quality, sustainable system, are they truly valuable!

It’s not enough to simple care! A real leader constantly seeks the best SOLUTIONS!