How Did I Get To This Place in My Life?

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How many times do we get down the road of life a ways and then say, “How did I get here”? Somehow we expected to end up in a different place and here we are.

There are so many stories to share… here is just one of the more recent: I was a “road warrior” living a life in airports, hotels and seminar rooms while I was in the personal development industry. I was running around North America helping people feel good about themselves, all the while struggling with myself. I was exhausted, run down, had gained much weight and just felt crappy overall. It was more than time to make a positive shift in my own life!

The first thing I needed to do was lose the weight since this is one thing that seemed to get way out of hand. I had gained a pound and a pound and suddenly I was busting out of yet another size and refused to buy more larger clothes when what I wanted to buy was small sizes. I also knew that I needed a system that would be easy to use and that I could live with in my busy life. A wonderful friend introduced me to a great weight loss program. I tried it and easily lost 33 pounds and 8 sizes in 14 weeks. This literally transformed my life.

How often do we let life get out of hand? And, when we do, do we take the time to get it back on track again? If we don’t, it doesn’t take long for unhappiness and struggle to set in.

What are the areas in which you are struggling right now? What will it take for you to turn it around? Setting a plan in place is a big chunk of what it takes to get going in the right direction. Surrounding yourself with the right people will also help you get there.

Changing just one piece can transform all the other pieces too. Once I lost the weight, I also gained clarity on the next step and the next step in my life. Now I feel back on track and excited about my life again. What will it take for you to feel the same? The biggest success is in getting really clear on what it is you want and then taking the steps to create it… one step at a time.

Life goes by really, really fast. Decide what is most important to you and get doing it! It will transform your life in a positive and energizing way!