Horse Dreams

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Some dream interpreters will connect the horse to instinct, strength, power and endurance. The horse can also mean passion; feeling this force beneath you as you ride. It has even been linked to sexual appetite. Personally, I feel that other animals might display these qualities far better than the horse; a gorilla for strength for example.

What the horse means to you will help you narrow it down to a specific quality that will become your personal dream symbol for that animal. For me the horse usually means one thing – a direct reflection of my personal power. If I see the horse being beaten or mistreated in some way, I immediately know I am giving my power away to someone. If the horse appears as a run-down nag then I know my power is weak and fading and I need to look at areas in my life where I am allowing situations or other people to railroad me. If the horse is strong, wild and free but I am still able to ride the horse I know I am on track. If the horse is too wild for me to ride, I might need to look at where my power has gotten out of control and may be trampling others. Dreaming of a herd of brumbies is a great dream – the more horses that appear the more I have increased my personal power as long as I can still ride the horses. I have even dreamed that I was one of the horses running with the herd, which was exhilarating.

If a horse has shown up in your dreams note down the environment the horses appears in; is it stabled or tied up, is it confined in a coral or able to run free? Look at the condition of the horse and its size. Take note of who is interacting with your horse as this can be quite revealing as to who you allow to drain your power or even who you might be trying to have power over. All the elements of the dream will show you in a symbolic way how you are doing in terms of personal power.

In truth it is common for the average person to only own between 1-3% of their total power. An unbelievably low percentage isn’t it? Those on the path of personal and spiritual development usually have a higher power quotient but for many it is still less than 20%. We all have much work to do in the area of personal power and the strengthening of the will. Personal power is the foundation of development and growth. On the other side of this power coin is self- discipline. If we are not disciplined in life with the tasks that need to be done then they have power over us and we have given our power away.

How is your horse appearing to you in your dreams? Is it healthy and strong or is it a wild animal over which you have no control?

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