Hidden Persuasion – Using Subliminal Messages in Language

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Are you aware that many people use covert ways to influence you? The use of subliminal messages in hypnotic language is becoming more common, not just in advertising, but in business and life! Do you think you would benefit from learning to use subliminal messages in language? How would you use your new ability? Subliminal messages can easily be hidden in your everyday speech to influence others and help you achieve more of your goals and I am about to show you how to do it!

There have always been individuals who had the ability to manipulate others through their words. There have been great speakers who were able to motivated others to do their bidding. Famous speakers such as Winston Churchill could even persuade people to risk their lives simply through the power of his words. After spending years researching the subject experts devised a system of hypnotic language that allows anyone to place subliminal messages and commands into their spoken words.

Subliminal messages have been proven to have a huge impact on the brain of the listener. In fact, more and more scientific research is pointing to the fact that subliminal messages grab the attention of the brain and have an affect on our subconscious thinking without us realizing it.

Subliminal messages have been used in advertising for decades. The personal development industry realized the power of subliminal messages a long time ago. There are a multitude of self help products that utilize subliminal messages to create real, measurable, lasting life changes! When our thoughts change, our actions change.

I am sure you will not dispute that all actions are driven by thoughts. For example, you have a thought that you would like new shoes and this thought drives you into the action of looking for the particular shoes you want.

By using subliminal messages it is possible to alter the thoughts of yourself, or someone else, to plant a thought which will thus have an impact on their actions!

It is very easy to use subliminal messages in language and after a little practise you can become quite adapt at the process. The hardest part is the initial usage. You must be subtle in its use. The whole point is to ensure the commands remain subliminal messages are not picked-up consciously by the other person!

Placing subliminal messages into a sentence begins with your tone of voice and the spacing of your words. By placing slight, almost imperceptible, emphasis on certain words in a sentence you will change the meaning of the entire sentence. For example you can change a spoken sentence that appears to be a question or proposal into a powerful command!

Almost 80% of communication is unconscious and it is how you present what you are saying that is important rather than what you are saying! It’s all about your unconscious behaviours or how you say what you say that is important and this is even truer for placing subliminal messages into everyday speech!

Placing subliminal messages into language was first attempted with hypnosis and the best way to explain how to do it is to take a hypnotic example. A hypnotist might say something like, “you may find that you want to relax or just rest and maybe even close your eyes or just keep them open if you want to”.

To the uninitiated this sentence is straight forward with no hidden meaning or subliminal messages. However, when the hypnotist uses hypnotic language to say exactly the same thing he changes this sentence into one with 2 hidden subliminal messages embedded in it!

It all begins with the tone of voice the hypnotist uses. Upon hearing this you may believe you are being offered a choice i.e. that the subject can relax and close his eyes only if he wants to. However, he has only given the subject two choices – he can either relax or rest. No other choice is given! This is simple psychological trick of giving a person only two choices, both of which suite your needs. This approach is powerful in and of itself but it’s the hidden subliminal messages that really pack the needed punch.

Certain words in the above mentioned sentence can be turned into subliminal messages simply by changing your tone. Although, if it’s done correctly, the other person will never realize what it is happening the subconscious mind hears it and acts on it as though it were a command!

By using subliminal messages in your spoken words you hypnotize the other person with your commands. In the above example the hypnotist says the sentence in a very specific way!

Instead of just saying it in a normal manner he divides the sentence into breaks with different tones. Using a slow and melodic tone he says “you may find that” and then takes a longer than usual break between the words, slightly changes his tone and says with only slightly more emphasis, “You Want To Relax”. He will then take another longer than usual break before continuing in a slow and melodic tone saying “or just rest and maybe even”, then he takes another break, changes his tone slightly saying “Close Your Eyes” before another slight break before finishing the sentence.

Please be aware that you must be subtle in the use of subliminal messages in language! The breaks between the words are 1 second longer than normal and the tone you use is only slightly more authoritative in nature!

So test it out in situations that are unimportant to you until you have fully mastered this subliminal messages technique.