Healing Energy In Crystals?

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A high school friend asked me a question regarding rocks and crystals. She had recently heard about the “metaphysical” properties that are claimed for different stones and crystals. I have been researching new age and metaphysical philosophy for years. Her question prompted me to put my thoughts and experiences together into words.

When I was in high school, I had a interest in gems. I had lapidary equipment for grinding and polishing cabochons. A cabochon is the dome shaped stones that are typically made out of semi-precious gemstones. Rubies and Star Sapphires are classic examples. My parents and I were taking classes at the Tomlison Adult Education Center in St Pete. I even started learning faceting. I had a really nice yellow citrine I started working on. Then we had the car accident up on Highway 19 in Tarpon Springs, Florida. My mom was badly injured and was recovering for months. We stopped going to the classes and somehow lost interest. And I found that I did not have the kind of patience needed to sit in one place for long and do that kind of work. (At least back then.) When the “gas crunch” happened a few years later the cost of lapidary equipment went up exponentially.

So, yes I have had a long interest in rock and gems. I read things about the supposed properties of various stones. I had not noticed anything about them personally that would convince me that any of it was true. I was interested but skeptical.

I had an experience that has changed my mind a little.

Some years later I began exploring the area of self-development. I was aware of the concept of “subtle energy” from yoga and martial arts. Yoga calls it prana. Karate calls it Chi or Ki. I was reading Yoga Magazine and read an article on a device called a “biocircuit”. A biocircuit is a set of copper screens with wires linked to copper handles. The screens are placed underneath the tail bone and the head. The handles are held in the hands. During a state of relaxation the user will go into a deep trance.

The life force energy in the body travels through the circuits and creates a state of restorative balance.

The thing about subtle energy is that it is subtle. Usually it is never noticed unless in a state of aware relaxation. Muscle tension and chaotic mental self talk will block the sensation.

About 30 minutes later, the session ends spontaneously. It is like a power nap that balances the energy in the body. Many times about 15-20mins into the session, there is a tingling sensation in the hands. The energy flowing through the hands can be felt. I have used biocircuits for years and found that they healed many things for me both physically and emotionally. This was my introduction to the personal knowledge of life force energy. About a month after getting my first set of biocircuits, I went into the back shed and found my old rock collection. I had some quartz crystals. I set up the biocircuit with a couple 2″ crystals stuck into the handles of the circuits. That time there was a very pleasant tingling sensation in the crown of my head. I went into the session will neutral expectations regarding what would happen. So I doubt there was much of a placebo effect in this experience. And since then I have tried to duplicate the experience with little effect.

Bottom line – do stones have healing qualities. Yes, in limited ways. I think they can supplement what a person does in meditation and energy healing. The most important factor is your own mind and connection to healing energy. The body and mind are a self healing system. They are designed to take care of themselves if given the support they need.

These days I think of myself as an open minded skeptic. Many things are possible. There are a lot of people in the “new age” area that are claim many things. Some of those people are just trying to make money. Some are “whack jobs” . Many are sincere but deluded. And there are some people who have a real gift of insight. So the challenge is to sort through and figure out what is true, what is just someone’s imagination, and what is a money making con.

David Riffey is a Freelance Copywriter in St Petersburg Florida.