Goals – 6.5 Questions for RE-THINKING Your Goals

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As a new year approaches it is time to take inventory of your dreams, goals and actions and verify that your plans are working for your best interests. So here 6.5 questions you should ask yourself about your dreams and goals. Think about each question carefully and then write down the answer to each one. After you have answered each question write write out a plan of action based on your answers. Then take action!

Question # 1 – Have your dreams changed?

As you grow older and wiser your likes and dislikes change. There is nothing wrong with this it is a perfectly normal part of personal development. But as you change you need to exam your dreams and desires to verify that your actions are helping you fulfill your new dreams. Old goals will not help new dreams.

Question # 2 – Are your goals in step with your dreams?

If your dreams have changed then you need check and see if your goals are in step with your new dreams. It may be time to create new goals.

Question # 3 – Do you use your time doing things to further your goals and dreams?

Are the things you choose to do during the day furthering your goals and dreams? If not, why are you doing them? Life is to short to be wasting time on things that do not help you fulfill your goals; or dreams.

Question # 4 – Are you seeking out people who are in step with your goals?

Some of the most important choices you will ever make are those that determine your friends. You need to choose people who have the same drive and aspirations as you. If you do not your friends will become a liability.

Question # 5 – Are you reading and listening to materials that will improve your skills?

Are you enriching your mind and improving your skills? If not, why not? At the very least, you should read one new book a month that will expand your thinking. Also, you should be doing something to learn a new skill or improve an existing one. You can not stand still and be successful.

Question # 6 – How strong is your desire?

Is your desire for your dreams strong enough to empower you? If your desire for your dreams is not sufficient you will not be successful at fulfilling those dreams.

Question # 6.5 – What sacrices are you willing to make to secure your dreams?

Nothing great is ever accomplished without marriage. Are you willing to make sacrifices to have your dreams fulfilled? Are you willing to let friends go? Are you willing to give up things now for better things later?

If you are going to fulfill your dreams and accomplish your goals you must do a yearly inventory of both your dreams and your goals. So ask yourself the above questions, create a new set of goals and take action on your new plan.