Free Traffic Does Not Exist in Internet Marketing Land

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I know there are a lot of gurus and forum marketers going around telling you how they can teach you how to get a ton of traffic to your website at no cost. For the very few of you who don’t know, traffic simply means the people or visitors coming to your website.

I am here to burst your bubble and tell you that there’s no such thing as free as free traffic or a free ride in life whether you are an internet marketer or a door to door sales man. If you are puzzled, bear with me, I will use an analogy to explain to you why you won’t be able to get traffic for free on the internet.

In my experience, everything in life will either cost you time or money and sometimes a combination of both elements. If something cost you time, then it’s not free because your time should be worthwhile to you and you usually have to put in effort. A very wealthy man told me that, the greatest asset that the rich in our society have is their time. I am big into personal development and I once heard someone say a little something like this: if you want to earn 100,000 a year, an hour should be worth $200 to you.

Let’s look at the things we internet marketers call free traffic and I will explain a bit deeper why it’s not free. For the purpose of this article, let us look at two simple examples.

Article Marketing

This is where you write an informative article on a subject and submit it to an ezine directory like EzineArticles. In return for providing quality information, they allow you to include your website in a resource box at the end of your article. Hopefully some people will like your article enough to click through to your website. This is how you get traffic from posting quality contents on ezine directory. This one of the many methods the gurus tout as free traffic, a quality article usually takes half an hour to an hour to write. If I am going to earn Lot of money online, it better be bringing me more than $200 because I have just spent an hour of my time on it.

Social Media

There are many social networking sites on the Internet. The three most popular sites that I know of are, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. You can sign up at these social networking websites for free, the idea of these sites is that you can connect with your friends online and also make new friends as well. These sites are sort of like a place where you can tell people about yourself and the sort of things you are interested in. One way you can get traffic to your website from social networking sites is by placing a URL on your profile page. Again if people are interested enough in your page, they might click through to your website. This is how you get traffic to your website using social media.

Now that I have giving you examples of what the gurus are calling free traffic, you can see that it’s going to cost you something, time. Let’s assume you are one of those people who are making 100,000 a year or want to be making 100,000 a year, an hour would be worth $200 a year to you as stated earlier.

So let’s assume you spend an hour of your time writing & submitting your articles to EzineArticles, you are not going to pay EzineArticles a penny. However you have just spent $200 of your valuable time which you will never get back. This is why there’s no such thing as free traffic.