Executive Performance Through Personal Mastery Coaching

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Personal Mastery is the discipline of continuously clarifying and deepening your personal vision, focusing your energies, developing patience and seeing reality objectively to deliver to your highest capabilities. Personal Mastery is a lifelong journey. It is therefore important for executives to continuously focus on these areas to deliver effective results.

In organisations however, we notice that some executive managers deliver a lot. However, others struggle in their quest to deliver to expectations. Highly efficient executives deliver more in a limited number of hours. The non efficient executives however deliver the same value in twice the number of hours. This causes issues and questions the individual effectiveness of some executives. Where there is interdependency to deliver results between executives, the ineffectiveness of some makes others look ineffective. Undertaking a personal mastery coaching program helps executives to focus on their personal issues in order to improve on these.

Personal Mastery coaching for Executives could include some of the following:

Comprehensive Needs Assessment – A comprehensive needs assessment is undertaken through using instruments such as:

• 360 degree feedback survey

• A profiling tool that provides penetrating and useful insights into an Executive’s strengths and weaknesses.

• Identifying co barriers to success through intensive conversation with the executive and other stakeholders.

Aligning Key Performance Indicator’s – A session is devoted to aligning Key Performance Indicator’s and measures for determining progress. The immediate Manager of the Executive participates in a question and answer session to further align the Key Performance Indicators.

Results Management – Regular meetings are held with the Executives Manager to provide feedback. At each monthly session, the Manager is provided an opportunity to change KPI’s.

Leadership Development – Effective leadership development opportunities are provided to the Executive during coaching sessions to enable development of effective leadership through personal mastery.

Shifting Behaviour – Behaviour is shifted through coaching to “maximise executive potential and develop greater effectiveness.” There are occasions when coaching is sought by executives who deliver effectively on their KPI’s but often have negative influence on other team members. In such cases, it is critical that coaching sessions are organised to identify KPI’s in behavioural shift and to develop these among executives. Some areas in which capability can be developed in Executives with behavioural issues include:

• Thinking, acting and leading from integrity

• Managing the impact on others of negative behaviour

• Accepting responsibility – no longer playing the ‘blame-game’

• Communicating responsibly and in a way that leaves others highly engaged

• Listening with real interest, empathy and intent

• Taking on tough and confronting conversations or challenges rather than avoiding them

• Generating ideas and solutions

• Taking ownership of organisational initiatives

• Living company values

The above process is generic. Dependent upon the needs of individuals, a more specific process is designed to coach different executives.

The above are some of the areas through which performance improvement can be realised among executives. As stated earlier, Personal mastery development is a life long process. It is on-going so executives need to work at it themselves on an on-going basis.