Excellence In The Workplace – Book Review

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By: Dr. Robb Thompson (2002)

ISBN 1-889723-24-X

Book Price: $15.00

Personal excellence & character development

Robb Thompson has authored over 30 books and hundreds of personal development resources. He is one of the world’s leading teachers on personal excellence and character development (mentoring government leaders and royalty, speaking to millions weekly via TV broadcast; over 5000 live audiences in 40-plus countries).

Success at work

Mr. Thompson deals with 6 issues promoting success at work. He shares on rising to another level (Ch. 1), how to multiply your life investment (Ch. 2), make your dream of promotion a reality (Ch. 3), become a problem solver (Ch. 4), developing a sound business attitude (Ch. 5), fulfilling God’s will in the workplace (Ch. 6).

Take responsibility for excellence

Robb Thompson has a no-nonsense approach towards training his audience. His clear language and direct discourse should help readers understand and apply ideas freely. Thompson writes, “… you are only going to possess what you are willing to pursue.” His underlying theme is the need to take responsibility for excellence.

Mr. Thompson reveals leadership insights; he highlights the feelings of those who are influenced by great leaders, saying, “… you may continually feel a certain pressure to change, to grow, to become better, to move on to the next level… that is a healthy type of pressure, needed in your life to help you become all God intends for you to be.”

The use of probing questions helps Robb Thompson to engage readers in a process of change. He asks, “… where do you want to go in life? What is it that you want to achieve in the days and years to come? What are you currently doing toward the fulfillment of your goals?” Again we see Robb’s focus on responsibility for excellence.

Mr. Thompson uses brief, impacting statements to confront and provoke readers to change. He says, “Promotion is never granted by performing the tasks you are already paid to do.” Solving problems is a pathway to promotion.

Convicting questions will jolt readers out of apathy, into, higher performance. Robb declares, “Do you realize whose reputation gets hurt when a Christian doesn’t act like a believer in the workplace” GOD’s reputation.

World changing employees

Robb Thompson has produced a marvelous tool for developing world changing employees in the workplace.