Essential Leadership Option: Rhetoric Versus VIABLE Solutions

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After more than four decades of occupation, in almost all aspects of leadership, from identifying, qualifying, and training, to developing, consulting, and personally serving, as a leader, in a variety of different size and purposes, I have come to firmly believe, one of the major obstacles, which differentiate between true leaders, and the rest of the pack, is whether an individual, purely uses populist rhetoric, and makes empty promises, while remaining safely within the restrictions of his comfort zone, or acts, like a real leader, and looks at the bigger – picture, and seeks a VIABLE solution, based on meaningful, strategic and action planning. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and presents, and why it matters.

1. Vision; value; values: Until / without, an individual focuses on constituent’;s values, and provides true value, how can anyone consider himself, to be a leader? A true leader proceeds, with a vision, of how things, can, and might be, rather than merely, pursuing the path, of least resistance! Only when / if, their actions focus on, serving the best, relevant, sustainable solutions, rather than looking for an easy – fix, one is not a true leader!

2. Integrity; issues; imagination; intents; interests: One either endeavors, with absolute integrity, and addresses relevant issues, and does so, with relevant, sustainable imagination, or he will never become a real leader! Before pursuing any leadership position, examine your personal intents, and whether, you are ready, willing, and / or able, to emphasize representing the best interests, of those, you serve and represent!

Attitude; aptitude; attention: One must possess a true, positive, can – do attitude and develop a relevant aptitude, in order to be able to pay keen attention, to the best way to proceed, forward.

4. Beliefs; benefits; best: Are your personal beliefs, aligned with the best way, to provide the benefits, needed, and desired, by your constituents?

5. Listen; learn; leadership; look: Will you be willing, and able, to effectively listen, far more than speak, and consistently, learn from every conversation, experience, and proceed, accordingly? Pursuing this method of leadership, will help you, consistently, look at the bigger – picture!

6. Empathy; emphasis; energize; excellence; endurance: True leaders exhibit genuine empathy, and focus their emphasis, accordingly! This will help energize your constituents, and help you, pursue true excellence. This, often, requires commitment, and endurance, rather than the same – old, same – old, etc!

True leaders seek VIABLE solutions, rather than empty rhetoric! Will you be, up to the task?