Empowering Your Mind is Your Best Self-Help

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Develop your most powerful tool towards enhancing a life that may be lacking generous amounts of financial abundance, joy and fulfillment – empower your mind! By empowering your mind, you also qualify yourself for potentially massive success in any economic climate.

What if you KNEW, beyond the shadow of ANY doubt, that every single thought that you think; as well as your exact feelings in the midst of every single thought, actually MATTERED to the degree that those very specific thoughts and feelings actually shaped and fabricated your every single experience – each and every day? Well, what MIGHT you want to do? if you KNEW this to be TRUE? Well, you would most certainly DESIRE to DEVELOP, INSPIRE and EMPOWER your MIND “to the Nth Degree” (which means: “as far as you can”) – am I correct?

In an absolute passion for this type of knowledge, life is now teaching many people that not only is this becoming a scientifically “proven” truth (that thoughts + feelings = ALL of our personal, individual experiences), but that this science is now indeed, currently fully-validated by the most cutting-edge Quantum-Mechanics and Brain-Science research “experiments” being conducted in any major university today.

IT IS scientific fact that our most repetitive thoughts, and in particular our packed-with-extra emotion thoughts do create specific, well-beaten neural-pathways in our brains (that rapidly assume an auto-pilot re-launching posture) — just as sure as an old covered wagon’s wooden wheels made deep, well-traveled groves and pathways across the plains, when many adventurous Souls utilized the exact same route over and over to explore the West.

What you think about and how often you repetitively think about any particular subject-matter; in particular thoughts (“subject-matter”) that are oozing with powerful and passionate emotions — ARE in fact destined to manifest right into your own, daily Life. Indeed, the precise subject matter of your most repetitive thoughts “come alive” throughout every single day of your life. In fact, it has always been so throughout your entire life, right up to and including — now!

Therefore, we next examine the first “BIG question”: How To? First however, a brief explanation of the difference between our conscious mental intent, and our subconscious mind’s life-running hard-drive functionality; in relation to the most practical, applicable, “for real” mind empowerment tools that successfully accomplish this ever so crucial mastery of our thoughts and emotions.

According to both Dr. Joseph Dispenza (http://www.DrJoeDispenza.com/), a brain-science expert from San Diego, California – who recently published “Evolve Your Brain”; and Dr. Bruce Lipton, a PhD Cellular Biologist from Stanford University (http://www.BruceLipton.com/), who recently published “The Biology of Belief” – both agree that using computer-capacity terminology (“bits” of processing-power), that our conscious mind can keep track of up to 2,000 “bits” of information per second — sounds impressive, eh? Well now, did you know that, in comparison, that your subconscious mind blazes away at about 400-Billion “bits of information” – EVERY second? Also, common bio-brain capacity (physical neurons available in your brain)- is about 100-Billion neurons firing in infinite patterns.

So, only two-thousand bits of information per second for the conscious mind, versus four-hundred-Billon bits every second for the subconscious mind — so who do YOU think is “in control” of MOST of your life? Well, quite obviously your 400-billion-bit “subconscious hard drive mind” – of which your conscious mind can “only keep track of” 2,000 of the 400-billion bits per second — in any given moment.

Point: your subconscious hard drive has your own, personally designed (via YOUR life’s individual experiences, intent & attitude) software programs – no different than having MS-Word, Excel and Adobe.pdf programs on your computer’s hard drive. And now a fact: no “software” in the Subconscious Mind = zero function for a given, desired Life-outcome / performance.

So finally, the “How To” part, that leads us inextricably to the conclusion that any and all “technologies” THAT ADDRESS EXCLUSIVELY THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND – are, in fact our most powerful tools for mind and life empowerment strategy; that then can and will lead us to our most passionate conscious goals, aspirations and dreams — quickly and permanently. Self-Help at its best.

Commonly known, but seldom utilized by “the masses” due to lack of knowledge, the (3) top methods for reaching the subconscious mind are: #1.) all Subliminal subconscious reprogramming technologies, #2.) all Hypnotic subconscious reprogramming techniques (either self-hypnosis or professionally administered) and finally #3.) which is probably unknown to MOST of you – is a highly refined set of subconscious reprogramming techniques named “Psych-K” (an abbreviation for Psychological Kinesiology(TM)), which was developed and refined by a top Colorado-based psychotherapist by the name of Rob Williams; and designed exclusively to very rapidly “install new software” (of your choice) – right onto your subconscious hard drive and “click SAVE” to boot so that you can consciously “click on” and “run” your new, life-empowering programs at will!

A thorough investigation of the differences between each (#1 Subliminal, #2 Hypnosis & #3 Psychological Kinesiology(TM)) – would now be prudent on your part, so that you can immediately begin personally exploring what strikes you as the most intriguing technique(s) to start out with, to accelerate the implementation of your most passionate, conscious intentions — deal?