Emerald Passport International – A Review For You

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The desire to work from home has given rise to an incredible amount of online business opportunities. This article is a review to help you make an educated decision in the selection process of a business.

One such online business is Emerald Passport International. Based out of Panama, and having been in business around four years, they offer online webucational materials.

Their product called Passport to Prosperity has been labeled “the most complete financial wealth strategies and personal development courses ever assembled in one place online”.

The EPI products are named Wealth Passport and Self Passport. Wealth Passport is a combination of wealth building courses in real estate investing, Forex trading, and lessons on how the rich handle finances. Self Passport consists of a self development course designed to give you success and happiness in every area of your life.

The wealth building and self-development product Emerald Passport promotes is very impressive. However, much of this material is less expensive, and available at other sources on the web, or even free at your public library.

In getting started with Emerald Passport, you can expect to pay $1295. The commission plan pays 75% that gives you $1000 each time you sponsor a new person. The company offers a prospecting video designed to screen out individuals not interested in the opportunity.

On the surface, this looks and sounds great. For the newbie, a serious analysis is necessary. Emerald Passport International is a 2 up program where your first two sales are given to your sponsor. Obviously, the first two sales are the hardest. Do your research to find a company where 100% of the commissions are paid to you, and not your sponsor, on the very first sale.

As with any business you can expect an operating cost such as advertising and website hosting to grow and maintain that business. Emerald Passport has additional costs that require you to attend two upper level conferences based on self-development. The conferences are held in Panama with a cost of $8,000 for the first, and $13,000 for the second.

In closing, do your research to find the best company suited for you. Select a company having products designed to help build your business. This company should have affordable start up costs with commissions paid from your first sale. It is also a good idea to look for a mentor who will take the time and help you reach your desired level of success.

Jerry Gibbs is a top Internet marketer and mentor seeking to show others how they too can achieve success.