Does Your Leader Know What He’s DOING?

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If all, we needed, to produce quality leaders, was finding individuals, with the finest intentions, a relevant perspective, and, even, a positive, can – do, attitude, we would probably be, far less challenged, finding the right people, to serve as effective leaders, rather than discovering, the dearth of genuine leadership, so often witnessed, today! However, it also takes, someone, who knows, what he’s DOING, both, from the perspective of developing and acquiring the necessary skill – set, and aptitude, but, also, one, which is relevant, to the specific organization, and set of stakeholders. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly identify, consider, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the necessary ingredients.

1. Delve deeply; determine; deliver: It generally takes, more than, mere, quality intentions, to lead, effectively and relevantly! The individual must be ready, willing, and able, to delve deeply, in order to determine, the options and alternatives, with an open – mind, and determine, the best path to follow! However, what often differentiates between true leaders, and the rest – of – the – pack, is the ability to deliver on one’s promises, and achieve, what is needed and necessary, for the specific organization, and constituents!

2. Options; opportunities: Far too often, individuals ascend to positions of leadership, who have the My way, or the highway, mindset! A true leaders considers various options, and prepares to recognize, and utilize the best opportunities, and/ or, to create his own opportunity!

3. Ideology; imagination; ideas; integrity: Effectively leading an organization, requires aligning one’s personal ideology, with the vision, and mission of the specific group! One must expand his personal comfort zone, and proceed with a relevant imagination, and the ability to introduce relevant ideas, which will make the organization, and stakeholders, stronger! Only, when one maintains absolute integrity, will others continue to remain relevant!

4. Needs: No programs, ideas, or processes, make a difference, for the better, until/ unless, they are directly based on, and focused upon, the needs, goals, priorities, etc, of the organization, and the perceptions, of actual constituents, as well as potential ones! Leadership, without being based on actual needs, is anything, but, actually leading, in any type of relevant, sustainable manner!

5. Generate goodwill; growth; greatness: A leader’s focus must be on generating goodwill, or he will fail, to attract future leaders, who will bring quality, sustainable future, within reach! Organizations, either, undergo continuous, relevant, sustainable growth, or never achieve the level of greatness, needed and necessary!

Always consider, whether your leader, actually, knows what he’s DOING! If you decide to become one, be the best, you might possibly be!