Develop a Personal Growth Plan

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Leadership can be defined quite simply as the ability to influence. Your ability to lead has a direct effect on your level of influence. For instance, if your leadership skills rate an 8 out of 10, then your level of influence will be 7 at the most. There is a direct correlation.

As a network marketer, your goal is to lead your followers, develop them into leaders and then lead leaders. If your leadership skills are limited then your effectiveness is also limited. So it is critically important that you develop and grow your leadership skills regularly. Doing so can dramatically increase your effectiveness and, quite, increase the level of success that you achieve.

Successful leaders are learners. They integrate a plan of continuous learning into their daily activities. They may set aside an hour a day devoted to personal development or they may set out a few hours one day a week. Whether you use the time to read books, listen to audio or attend leadership seminars, it is the best investment you can make in yourself and in your business. Developing and improving these skills on a regular basis is a major factor in differentiating leaders from followers.

Remember also that you want to develop your team into leaders. Let them know that personal growth and leadership development are valued and rewarded. By encouraging growth and development you will end up attracting high achievers and people with great potential – a win / win situation for you and your team.

To become great at anything in life, you need to practice every day. Leadership does not develop in one day; it takes a lifetime.