Company and Personal Benefits of Obtaining Six Sigma Training

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The Six Sigma program was initially created by a major manufacturer in order to reduce waste and costs associated with the development of their product. What it became following the successful implementation of its directives and processes was far more than they could ever have imagined. As a result, many companies strive to create the same success as others have before them. Regardless if it the industry is healthcare, product manufacturing, education, commercial or retail, this program has been adopted.

The concept involves the building of teams. These teams consist of different levels, much like what you would see in the sport of karate. There is the Green Belt, Yellow Belt and Black Belt. The team is compiled with the goal of improving processes by controlling and understanding the different and multiple levels of variation. By doing so, you can improve the difficult process of predicting your business processes.

It is not only training and development; Six Sigma also identifies and creates leaders. Every participant in the program earns and is designated to a certified Belt level. In order to attain a leadership approved project before training is designated or begins, you must have already received a black or green belt.

Leaders within the businesses who principal the programs by becoming sponsors are called Champions.
They are trained in the basics of the methodology. They focus on the selection of projects that are aligned closely with the goals and vision of the business. They are responsible for selecting and mentoring the project leaders. They must integrate, support and align the launching of the project into their business.

Many companies today are searching for a quantitative and structured method for creating improvements in their organization. Many of these successes achieved have been demonstrated by best practice companies. They have used this Six Sigma system of specific metrics in financial, manufacturing and service lines within their organization. It is a quality initiative which is both driven and supported by the organizations top leaders.

Businesses can achieve stability as well as consistency from the quality improvement methods that can be realized. Every product, transaction and process that is initiated from the strategies and designs within the program help to drive the focus and success of achieving the end result.

The majority of Six Sigma companies have received a direct benefit to their bottom line. This is because the training and instruction they receive are a direct benefit of the experience and knowledge of the training staff. Businesses can also benefit from a special feature of the program which includes a team project. It is typically assigned by the organizations senior management team at the very start of the program launch. There are specific project completion timelines and progress checks throughout the process and curriculum.