1. Blame Blaming others means you don’t have to accept personal responsibility. Blame stunts your personal growth. It allows you to be a victim. Once you put on the mantel of victimhood, you no longer have to take care of yourself. It’s always someone else’s fault. You can get sympathy […]

Loyalty is essential for genuine family solidarity. But blind loyalty leads to family dysfunction. A loyal family member is faithful to the family’s traditions and honors its obligations. A loyal family member is emotionally present with support and encouragement during success or duress. These unwavering devotions are admirable and observable: […]

“The Science of Numbers and the art of will power are the Keys… that open the Gates of the Universe.” –the Priests of Memphis Numerology traces its roots to the work of ancient mathematicians and mystics, who taught numbers and geometry as a way to understand the original creative impulse […]

It was Jim Rohn who said, “We can no more afford to spend major time on minor things, than we can spend minor time on major things!” A major thing that is worth the effort is leadership. I think Anthony Robbins defined leadership best as being able to see things […]

A Different Perspective to Personal Growth and Self Improvement? What is personal growth and self improvement really about? I know everyone uses these terms and most often associate personal growth and self improvement with some sort of process of becoming a better person, improving one’s self or learning more about […]

The first sign of a great leader is awareness. This unique individual is acutely aware of themselves and their surroundings, not unlike a skilled warrior. The Soldier’s Method of Values, Valor and Value relies initially on keen awareness of self and surroundings. Analyze these four areas to gain awareness and […]

Why does personal development and growth seem so difficult? It’s all about change. And change is difficult. Thus, in a positive change management program the first thing you have to work with is your resistance against change. Many people think that in order to change their life or grow as […]

People that prioritize responsibility as a core value are held in high regard. Employers, fellow employees, spouses, teachers, and students that are responsible are trusted, respected, and more likely to succeed. History records numerous examples of responsible heroes, leaders, and quotes regarding responsibility. A straightforward example of taking responsibility is […]

Recently, I received a recommendation letter from a business that I casually spoke to about building confidence in the workplace. I was floored to read their response. The letter complimented me on my enthusiasm to serve, how grateful they were that I agreed to speak, and how many employees have […]

Many writers recommend practical ways we can improve our inner growth. They may mention for example some martial arts, yoga, meditation, fasting, ceremony and ritual, or prayer. They often refer to a process of inner awakening of awareness that goes beyond ordinary existence and insight into universal truths. It means […]